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Velvet is looking spry today, and it is all thanks to you. When the little guinea pig arrived at the SPCA, she needed a safe landing. Caretakers set her up with fresh hay, pellets, and cozy bedding, all of the things a piggie needs to be happy and healthy. She was doing great, until one day a few weeks later. A large wound appeared on her left shoulder and it looked extremely sore. Now, as anyone who has taken care of a small animal knows, surgery and medication can be very risky for rodents. Velvet was no exception.

A trip to the veterinarian’s revealed that Velvet’s shoulder had a large mass on it. At first, it appeared to be an abscess, but further examination revealed that it was a skin tumor common to guinea pigs. Surgery was necessary and Velvet pulled through like a champ. Now, after several weeks of healing, Velvet is looking much better. She squeaks when she hears a bag rattle and comes over to investigate. She is also enjoying the company of Albert, a fluffy male guinea pig who lives in the pen underneath hers. This fall, Velvet is sure to get another fresh start: in a forever home of her very own.

Do pocket pets melt your heart? Though they take a lot of commitment, the love they give is truly priceless. Currently, we have guinea pigs and rabbits looking for loving forever homes. You can view them here:

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