kitten asleep in food

Though the tiny, sleeping tike in the photograph above may appear delicate, he is, in fact, very mighty! Unlike his parents and likely grandparents before him, this little kitten will not live out his life as a community cat. Instead, he will go on to live in a loving home as an indoor companion.



Jamie is another kitten who is breaking generational trends. He and his four siblings were born to their outdoor mother in early June near Montgomery. Thanks to our increased efforts in TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), our TNR Coordinator worked with Jamie’s colony’s caregiver in August to trap, neuter, and return the colony’s cats. Jamie and his siblings were trapped, but they were too young to undergo spay and neuter surgery. Jamie also had a wound on his leg that needed to be treated and had fleas. The SPCA was a great place for the kittens to heal and be socialized as they awaited their surgeries. As we play with them, feed them, and snuggle them, they develop the skills needed to be someone’s new best friend, indoors. This, in turn, helps break the generational trend of having them return as outdoor, or community cats. It is a win-win situation.

Due, in part, to our expanded efforts in TNR this summer, we have a plethora of kittens coming available for adoption. If you have been thinking of adding a sweet new member to your family, we have plenty to choose from! Check out our adoption page or stop in and visit.


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