Just this week, two little ones arrived at the SPCA, opening their eyes for the first time. And by little, we mean little! Two baby guinea pigs came into the world, looking about as cute as can be. Their mom, barely an adult herself had just been surrendered the day before, along with her brother and mom and dad. The guinea pigs had been incorrectly identified as all males and were quickly reproducing at their owners’ home, as guinea pigs tend to do. Shelter staff were able to separate them into males and females and set them up with cozy pens. It was obvious that the little mother was about to give birth any day and let us tell you, it was such a neat experience to feel the little ones inside of her kicking and wriggling and moving about. Just twenty-four hours later, they were hopping about their pen. Guinea pigs are born with fur and teeth, eyes open and ready to romp.

The mother guinea pig and her babies at their foster home.

The two little ones and their mother went to a loving foster home where the babies could grow strong. In fact, they joined another mother guinea pig, Licorice, and her little baby, born just a few weeks ago.

Licorice and her baby, Twizzler.

It is a jolly foster home now, full of squeaks and squeals and giggles, as the little babies run and play. Their safe upbringing would not be possible without the support of donors like you, who help the SPCA keep its doors open to pets in need, no matter how tiny. Your donation this #GivingTuesday will help the SPCA continue to care for the littlest pets among us.

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