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Lost and Found Reporting

Please call the shelter at 570-322-4646 to report a lost or found animal.

If you found a kitten, please see the flowchart below.


Spay/Neuter Assistance

The Lycoming County SPCA provides financial assistance to low to moderate income residents who live in Lycoming County. Individuals needing assistance need to complete an application. You will need to show identification and your tax return as proof of income. You may show proof of receipt of Medicaid, Food Stamps, PACE, WIC, or other welfare program.

Please come to the SPCA to complete the application, show proof of income, pay any co-payments, and receive information about scheduling your pet’s surgery with one of our participating veterinarians.  Your co-payment is based on your total household’s gross income per year based on your tax return.

No income -$10,000                     You pay $0

$10,0001-$20,000                         You pay $10

$20,001-$30,000                           You pay $20

$30,001-$35,000                           You pay $30

over $35,000                                  You are not eligible for assistance.

Spay/Neuter Assistance Application

If you wish to contribute, the Jean Marie White Spay/Neuter Fund is an established fund designated for the spaying and neutering of companion animals.  If you donate to this fund, the funds are added to the principal of a certificate of deposit account.  The interest generated from this fund is used for spaying and neutering.  Just make a notation in the memo section that the funds are restricted to the Jean Marie White Spay/Neuter Fund.  Thank you for helping us save lives.

Reporting Cruelty

Reporting Cruelty

We investigate every call regarding alleged cruelty abuse or neglect. Please call us at 570-322-4646 if you suspect animal cruelty in Lycoming County.

Provide the following information: The name of the perpetrator, the address and directions to the alleged cruelty, the city, township or borough where the situation occurs, and the information regarding the alleged cruelty.

Our Humane Police Officers must operate within the limits of Pennsylvania Law. We cannot confiscate a pet without due process.


Thousands of pets go missing every year, and many don’t make it back home. Collars and identification tags can break off or become unreadable. Microchips, however, are safe, simple, and best of all, permanent forms of identification, to help increase the chances of having your beloved pet returned home.

A microchip is about the size and shape of a grain of rice and is placed underneath your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades by means of a syringe. The procedure takes only a few minutes and is very safe. It requires no anesthesia. Complications of microchip insertion are similar to that of a vaccination. There is a small risk of bleeding and/or infection at the site of the microchip injection.

When your pet is microchipped, we will register the number on the microchip and your pet will be added to a national pet recovery database. Veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, and animal control offices across the country are equipped with scanners that can read the microchip and display your contact information. It is important that you continue to update your contact information as needed. Microchip companies often charge to update your contact information. However, you can also call our shelter at 570-322-4646 and we can update your information for free.

Our microchips are $25.00 plus tax. No appointments are needed. Simply walk in during any of our open hours and our shelter staff will be glad to assist you. To speed up your process, you can fill out our Microchip Waiver Form at home and bring it with you.

We sincerely believe that microchipping is the safest and most effective method of pet recovery available. It helps reunite more than 15,000 lost pets to their owners every month and helps the shelter quickly place an animal back home. If you have questions, contact us at 570-322-4646, and we will be glad to help.

Microchip Waiver Form

Education Services & Tours

We believe that humane treatment of animals and safety around animals begins at a young age. If your school or group would like a visit from one of our educators please contact us at 570-322-4646.

We also do onsite educations programs! We start with a program, proceed with a tour of the SPCA, then we learn Dog Bite prevention, and end with practicing what we learned!

Other Services

Quarantine Services

If your pet requires quarantine due to biting we can help you. There is a $14 per day charge for this service. There are additional charges we can discuss with you if your pet requires euthanasia after the quarantine period.

Animals at Large

We have no legal authority regarding animals running at large, animal bites, or barking. However, we can provide humane traps for you to catch stray cats on your property. A $50 check is required as a deposit for the trap and is returned to you upon return of the trap. Dog bites are reportable to the dog warden at 570-350-8742. Please consider a donation when you drop off or surrender an animal.  If you live outside of Lycoming County, we can direct you to other rescue groups to help you with animal-related concerns.

Euthanasia, Cremation, and Burial Services

Euthanasia is always a difficult decision. We have technicians certified by the American Humane Association to help your pet. Because this process is also emotionally complex for our technicians, we cannot help your pet and you during the euthanasia process. Therefore, you will not be able to be with your pet while they are euthanized. If this is important to you, please call your veterinarian. After euthanasia, we can return your pet to you for burial, cremate the remains, return the ashes to you, or provide burial services in our cemetery. Prices vary by the weight of the animal. Please call the Lycoming County SPCA at 570-322-4646 to set up an appointment for euthanasia.

Resources for Pet Owners