Prince, looking fit and fab, after being surrendered to the shelter during an investigation.

Investigations can be tough. People in need, pets in need…how can we help? What is best for everyone?

SPCA supporters have enabled officers to respond to 346 investigations so far in 2018. That is more than one investigation a working day. They range from cruelty and neglect cases to calls regarding abandoned pets. Sometimes only counseling and follow-up are required. Other times, the pets are surrendered to the shelter.

Eva upon intake

Such was the case with Prince, Eva, and Kruella. The shelter received a phone call that three very skinny dogs had been observed at a residence. Shelter officers promptly responded and drove to the address. Finding a gentleman at home, they explained their presence and requested to see the dogs. Prince, a five-year-old brindle Pitbull, was brought out first. He was lean, but in fair condition. Next, little Eva was brought out. The three-year-old Hound/Siberian-husky mix (yes, you read that right) was in poor condition. She was suffering from a great deal of hair loss and was very thin. Her ribs and hip bones were visible. Lastly, little Kruella was brought forth. She was in worse shape than Eva, with her ribs and hip bones more pronounced and with a great deal of hair loss.

Kruella upon intake

Officers inquired into the amount and type of food for the dogs. The owners said that they were, sadly, unable to afford food at the time and they had none to show in the home. The officers requested that the dogs be turned over to the shelter, and their owner agreed.

Once at the shelter, the dogs were given an examination and treated for fleas. Staff noted any other issues for the SPCA vet. The dogs were started on four small meals a day to get their bodies used to eating again. Further testing revealed that the dogs did not have parasites; it just a lack of food that they were suffering from.

Each dog gained over ten pounds during their stay here and are now doing great. Once they had gained enough weight, they were temperament-tested and found to be very sweet. The only issue they continued to struggle with was eating too fast, which is understandable. Staff used a slow-feeder to help them with this tendency. They were recently placed on the adoption floor when they all reached a stable level of good health.

Eva, who has since been adopted.

SPCA supporters ensure that pets like Prince, Eva, and Kruella have a safe place to go in their time of need. They help them get back on their feet and prepare for their next adventure: landing a forever home. In fact, Eva and Kruella were recently adopted!

As #GivingTuesday approaches, please consider donating so that the SPCA can continue to assist pets and their owners in their time of need.

Kruella made a remarkable turnaround.

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