Above: Hector, waiting here for almost two years, and his biggest fan, kennel attendant Abby.

-By Executive Director, Victoria Stryker-

This frequently asked question is a surprise because we have stopped the euthanasia of adoptable animals for quite a while.  The only animals we euthanize are aggressive ones or as a service to pet owners whose pets are ready to cross the rainbow bridge.

Animal welfare issues can be very controversial.  For every decision that is made for the care and wellbeing of an animal, there can be an opposite opinion.  For instance, when we began accepting cats by appointment we had many who disagreed with that decision.  If we did not accept cats by appointment and bring them in as we had space, we would need to resort to euthanasia to empty a kennel in order to accept more incoming.

By accepting cats by appointment, we have the opportunity to prepare the felines for adoption.  This includes vaccines, spaying or neutering, parasite treatment, and microchip identification.  As the cats and kittens are adopted, we bring in more cats and kittens for adoption.

What happens when we run out of space?  When we are faced with too many animals and not enough space, we turn to our wonderful volunteers.  In 2017, we had 319 animals in foster homes until they were adopted.  That is a lot of animals!

You can see by the photos below that we have several animals that have stayed with us for a year or more.  Typically, animals with lengthy stays are elderly, quirky, have medical issues, or are a breed that people do not care for.

Hector – Waiting for his forever home since 10/9/2016

Regina – Found 2/18/2017 

Tippy – Surrendered 4/15/2017

Spunky – Surrendered 12/29/16

While our animals wait for their forever homes, our staff and volunteers work diligently to make them comfortable, provide enrichment through toys and exercise, and give lots of love.

You can help us by fostering a pet, encouraging adoption, volunteering, or simply donating for their care.  We have a lot of unconditional love for you.

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