In Memory and In Honor Of Donations

From 6/28/21-10/1/21

Donations to the SPCA may be made in honor or in memory of a loved one, pet or human. In fact, many of our donations come through with one of these designations. We strive for accuracy and would like to know if we missed your donation. Please contact Jamie Caputo for any corrections at or by calling 570-322-4646.

Donor In Memory Of
George Schuman Andreas “Dre” Schuman
KJ Boyer Andreas “Dre” Schuman
Judith Dewitt Andreas “Dre” Schuman
Ralph Lukens, Jr. Andreas “Dre” Schuman
Jeff LeCrone Andreas “Dre” Schuman
Joey Prato Andreas “Dre” Schuman
Charles Mahler Andreas “Dre” Schuman
Donald & Andrea Hunt Andreas “Dre” Schuman
Richard and Carole Smith Andreas “Dre” Schuman
James & Donna Maule Andreas “Dre” Schuman
Francis Missigman Andreas “Dre” Schuman
Sandra Jansson Andreas “Dre” Schuman
Kaye Blair Andreas “Dre” Schuman
Kathy Fink Andreas “Dre” Schuman
Glenda Merkel Andreas “Dre” Schuman
Carol & Robert Lamparter Asta (Chinchilla) Lamparter
Donald & Kay Barnes, John & Gina Barnes, and James & Lori Cardone Barbara Barnes
The Williamsport Home Barbara Barnes
Steven & Sandra Barnes Barbara Barnes
Heidi Waltman Bethany Hughes
Vicki Matteo Betty Keller
Patty Bower Betty Keller
Kristine Datres Betty Keller
Jake Steinbacher Betty Keller
Jason Metzger Betty Keller
Betty Hazard & Steven Keller Betty Keller
Lindsey Phillips Betty Keller
Laura Douty Betty Keller
Kelly & Aaron Miller Betty Keller
Katie Benson Betty Keller
Heather Lehman Brian Oechler
Carl Reed Catherine Reed
Jamie Caputo Catherine Reed
Cassie Sears Chester “Chet” Peterman
Rodney Neitz, Director Chris Kilgus
Shirley Van Buskirk Chris Kilgus
Wayne & Debbie Stine Coco
Kathy Stetler Connie Holmes
Stephenie Yeung David Wright
Emilie Ertel Dincher
David James Donald Boyer
Chrissy Boyer and Debbie Helm Donald Boyer
Walter and Cynthia Helt Donald Mangano
Patricia Heisley Eleanor Gehr
Brian Fink Emily’s Grandma
Lonza Engler Genny Pompeo
Mike & Lu Ann Wise and Caleb, Kim, Owen and Noah Wise Genny Pompeo
Jonathan Klotz Genny Pompeo
Jeanette Colburn Genny Pompeo
Vic & Mary Engel Genny Pompeo
George & Debra Anthony Genny Pompeo
Steve & Kim Pfirman George Deuel
Wolfgang & Judy Rast Gussie – Beloved dog of Rhonda Slaten
Heidi Womeldorf Hannah Lynn
Crystal Oxford Hannah Lynn
Audra Neyhart Hannah Lynn
Renee Kerr Hannah Lynn
Alicia Shafik Hannah Lynn
Paul & Mary Novak Hannah Lynn
Cheryl Bernstine Hannah Lynn
Edward & Jane Pequignot Hannah Lynn
Diane McGill Hannah Lynn
Elaine & Brian Batezel Hannah Lynn
John & Suzanne Anastasia Hannah Lynn
Bob & Barbara Buchanan Hannah Lynn
Samuel and Sandra Schrack Hannah Lynn
David & Cathee Frey Hannah Lynn
Wayne & Marge Waldron Hannah Lynn
James & Linda Gillespie Hannah Lynn
Frederick & Yvonne Zierle Hannah Lynn
Robert Brown Hannah Lynn
Carola Storrs Hannah Lynn
John & Dena Hoover Hannah Lynn
Judy Mase Hannah Lynn
Kevin McNamara Hannah Lynn
Kevin McNamara Hannah Lynn
Vickie Vandervere Hannah Lynn
Frank and Mallory Gair Harriet Fioretti
Sandra Gillam Jackie, beloved English Springer Spaniel of Louise Forska and Stewart Passinger
Springs Window Fashions Jane Lundy
Charlie Glidewell Jean Laird
Ralph & Patty Kaiser Jean Laird
The Muncy Bank and Trust Jean Laird
Robert Mincemoyer JoAnn Mapstone Mincemoyer
Robert Mincemoyer JoAnn Mapstone Mincemoyer
Robert Mincemoyer JoAnn Mapstone Mincemoyer
Robert Mincemoyer JoAnn Mapstone Mincemoyer
Robert Mincemoyer JoAnn Mapstone Mincemoyer
Brunhilde Phillips Jonathon Phillips
Donald Gephart Joseph Jacopetti
Patricia Heisley Karen Swinehart
Thao Ten Eyck Karma
Todd Ten Eyck Karma
Kathy Ziants Lacie
Scott & Jamie Chambers Lynda Long
Dewane Stuck Lynda Long
Ann Knapp Lynda Long
Heather Hunt Marcella DeSanto
Ron & Heidi Presley Marcella DeSanto
Alex & Janelle Presley Marcella DeSanto
Cynthia Beatty Marcella DeSanto
Judy Harris Marcella DeSanto
Sarah Howlett Marcella DeSanto
Timmie and Isabelle Hetner Marcella DeSanto
Susan German Marcella DeSanto
Teresa Engel Marcella DeSanto
John & Charlotte Zalonis Marcella DeSanto
Jill Fidler Marcella DeSanto
Karen Chianelli Marcella DeSanto
Brian Knepley Marcella DeSanto
First National Bank of Pennsylvania Marcella DeSanto
Rose Martin Marcella DeSanto
Joseph & Jacqueline Hamm Marcella DeSanto
Carol Hart Marcella DeSanto
Brenda Bittner Marcella DeSanto and Kingstin
Frank & Kathy Luek Margaret Jeannette
Dale & Kim Yale Margaret Jeannette
Inez Uhlinger Martin Marshall
Glenda Merkel Mary Ann Doebler
Gail & Randy Shuhler Mary Ann Doebler
Eric and Susan Rodgers Mary Ann Doebler
Nelson & Nancy Smith Mary Ann Doebler
Thomas & Susan Brittain Michael Luther Heivly
Wayne Winner Our dog “Maggie”
Tammie Cristini & Phyllis Sieber Pooch
Patricia Heisley Raymond Winner
Teresa Finkel Ronald Saar, Sr.
Wanda Howey Ronald Saar, Sr.
Vanemon’s Oil Co., Inc. Ronald Saar, Sr.
Lou & Cathy Caroccia Ronald Saar, Sr.
Elizabeth Lightbourn Ronald Saar, Sr.
Norma Hennigan Ronald Saar, Sr.
John and Marian Stuempfle, Jr. Ronald Saar, Sr.
Jay & Ann McCormick Sandra Morgan
Shirley Clark Sandra Morgan
Carol Ulmer Sandra Morgan
Theresa Eck Sarah Strouse
Sandra Gillam Squeak, from Sharlee, Puditha, and Bailee
Linda Updegraff Stella, beloved dog
Tracy & John Kaddouri Verna Goodwin
Judy Waddell Vincenza Joy (Chenzi) Girardi
Madelyn Brown Vincenza Joy (Chenzi) Girardi
James Hafer Virginia “Ginny” Moffitt
Karen Roche Virginia “Ginny” Moffitt
James & Donna Martin Virginia “Ginny” Moffitt
Eleanor Perciballi William Judson

Donor In Honor Of
Larry Ramer Bean, Kelli, Nicole and Wendy
Jimmy & Mary Jane Baier Bonnie Taylor, Beth Dahlgren, Doreen Shope, Pat Rambo and Ruth Hameetman
Prudence Moore Carson and Jackson’s Birthday
Carol Ulmer Magnum
Judy Musheno Peggy Whitman
Linda Miller Robert Mincemoyer Birthday
Alexandria Fisher Rosemary Wiegand – animal lover
Autumn Nicolazzo Roxann Freezer for her birthday!!
Alyssa Correll Vickie Stryker
Bruce & Darla McMichael
From 2/16/21-6/27/21
Donor In Memory Of
Jennifer Schlossberg Ande Hughey
Gloria & Howard Henne Bailey
Christy Gallo Betty Keller
Philip Steinbacher Betty Keller
Eve Hilsher Betty Keller
Vicki Haussmann Betty Keller
Heather Waldron Betty Keller
Lyndsey Stiger Betty Keller
Kendra Parke Betty Keller
Carla LaRose Betty Keller
Jamie DiPalo Betty Keller
Deanna Eldredge Betty Keller
Joseph & Kathlynn Farley Betty Keller
Judy Hakes Betty Keller
Annette Pennella Betty Keller
Margery Dowling Betty Keller
Nathan & JoAnne Morris Betty Keller
Chad Eiswerth Betty Keller
Renee Grose Blossom
Kelsey Stryker Bodhi Hakes
Kathy Ziants Boo
Donald Miller Buddy Miller
Kenneth Kaufman Cathy Kaufman
David Martin Charles Martin, Sr.
Jackie Parucha Daisy
Charles and Glenda Farrington Daniel Paul Cooper
Ruth Ann Hallow Daun Nguyen
John & Darl Simms David “Vic” Apker
Victoria Stetts David Hood, Jr.
Robin Glossner David Wright
Fred Holland David Wright
Stephen & Martha Huddy David Wright
Phyllis Sieber David Wright
Vic & Mary Engel David Wright
WASD Student Services/Special Ed Department David Wright
Claude & Lois Williams David Wright
Jo-Ann Gorski David Wright
Joan Hatcher David Wright
Annmarie Phillips David Wright
Sharwell Building David Wright
Mike & Donna Bastian David Wright
Pat Peltier David Wright
Mary Kay Gamble Deb Woolever
The Family at Flook’s Meat Market Deb Woolever
Elizabeth Thompson Donald Hill
Frank & Bonnie Bennett Donald Hill
The Gruver Family Donald Hill
Donald & Joan Hoover Donald Hill
Joe & Virginia English Donald Lundy
Fulton Bank, N.A. Donna Buss
Victoria Stetts Donna Anthony Stetts
Mr. and Mrs. James Morris Donna Lee Anthony Stetts, in memory of her dogs Hollie, Kate, and in honor of her dog Cody
Mary Gilmour and Shaun Gilmore Donna Stetts
J. Louise Wagner Donna Stetts
Carl & Cindy Huff Donna Stetts
Nancy Gehret Donna Stetts
Stephen & Christine Kaiser Donna Stetts
Kurt & Bonita Hetrick Donna Stetts
Thomas & Laurie Burkholder Donna Stetts
Joseph Stetts, II Donna Stetts
Florence McNelis Donna Stetts
Jim Cummings Donna Stetts
Ralph Keller Donna Stetts
C&N Doris Bower
Fritz & Linda Wasser Doris Jean Houser
Mary Bennardi Doris Winner
Camille Seeling Dutch
Janet Hurwitz Edward Cioffi
Ernie Larson Edward Cioffi
Grace Clark Edward Cioffi
W. Herbert Poff Edward Cioffi
Jim & Ann Pysher Edward Cioffi
The Kitas and the Orgitanos Edward Cioffi
Martin VanDort Eutyches Van Dort
Sondra Horne Fonda Jane Stamets
The Gruver Family Fonda Jane Stamets
Gail Rippey Fonda Jane Stamets
Lisa Guetzko Fonda Jane Stamets
Tara Gardner George Steinbacher
The Hollick Family George Steinbacher
Mary Louise Kolodziej Geraldine “Gerry” Brubaker
Don and Deb Masser Geraldine Brubaker
Donald Masser Geraldine Brubaker
Lehman & Peggy Dewalt Geraldine Brubaker
Joseph & Martha Borraccini Geraldine Brubaker
Jay & Ann McCormick Grace Pelleschi
Diana Molino Grace Pelleschi
Robert & Louise Knutson Grace Pelleschi
Jill Davis Grace Pelleschi
Evelyn Bastian Henry Perciballi
Brenda Crowell Hope
Selena Shellenberger Ivan
Laura Dickinson Jewel
Dennis Gruver Jim Koziol
Amy Bolt John “Jack” Mapstone
Diane Burfeindt John “Jack” Mapstone
Tony & Marilyn Delisi John “Jack” Mapstone
Stephen & Martha Huddy John “Jack” Mapstone
Lynn & Myrl Kibbe John “Jack” Mapstone
Mike and Dolores Callahan John “Jack” Mapstone
Mary Bennardi John “Jack” Mapstone
Anita Gibbons John “Jack” Mapstone
Jo-Ann Gorski John “Jack” Mapstone
Michael & Peggy Knight John Burleigh
Wendell Bower John Burleigh
Cynthia Hinder John Mundrick
Traci Foster Judy Thrash-Foster
Linda Sheets Judy Thrash-Foster
Raymond and Sharon Clemens Judy Thrash-Foster
Nancy Corney Judy Thrash-Foster
Charles & Roberta Wirth Judy Thrash-Foster
Galen & Pamela Davenport Judy Thrash-Foster
Alice Rothgeb Judy Thrash-Foster
Harold & Ellen Spooner Judy Thrash-Foster
First United Methodist Church Men’s Prayer Breakfast Group and Volunteers in Missions Ministry Judy Thrash-Foster
George & Elaine Duckworth Judy Thrash-Foster
Victoria Stetts Judy Thrash-Foster
Douglas Foster Judy Thrash-Foster
Suzanne Bahl Larry Jackson
Joan Guidi Larry Jackson
Michael & Mary Wolf Larry Jackson
Marilyn & John Incitti Lenora Keiser
Neil & Christina Keller Leonard Taylor
Ann Sanders Leslie Miller and Sidney “Skip” Stine, Jr.
Webb Communications, Inc LuAnn Harvey
Mary Fray Lucky
Mary Fray Lucky
Mary Fray Lucky
Branda McCowan Lucy
Branda McCowan Lucy
Charles & Suzette Bonner Luke Hinshaw
Bruce & Kim Hoffer Madison Stout
John Tewksbury Madison Stout
Muncy High School Gift Fund Madison Stout
Raven Kireski Madison Stout
Maura Sleboda Madison Stout
Hallie & Charles Luppert Madison Stout
Michael Byers Madison Stout
Robin Pardoe Madison Stout
Leonard & Sandy Mahonski Madison Stout
The Muncy Jr./Sr. High School Class of 2023 Madison Stout
Tim & Rebecca Montgomery Madison Stout
The Muncy Jr./Sr. High School Staff and Faculty Madison Stout
Harry Trump Marie Trump
Judith Weeks Comerford Martha Haldeman
Linda Weaver Martha Haldeman
Steve & Denise Adams Mary Ann McDonald
Marilyn Incitti Mitch
Chris Harvey Mollie
Laurie Conahan Murphy and Bella
Sharon Dapp Ned Neupauer
Gary Hutchinson Ned Neupauer
Sylvia Sarno Ned Neupauer
John & Kim Hufnagel Nissa Myers
Linda Peterman Noodles, Lucas, and Sammy
Julie Bair Oakley
Anonymous Petey Patterson
Laura Dickinson Pudgie
Emily Sweeley Reuben
Sandra Felix Richard H. Felix
Ken and Belle Larson Robert Koch
John & Judith St. Clair Ruth Cooper
Terry & Susan Girdon Sam, dog of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Strouse
Lara Schmitt Sammy, our beloved Yorkie
G. Lee & Angela Miller Shirley Miller
Harold & Ellen Spooner Shirley Wilson
Barry & Susan Zimmerman Shirley Wilson
Keith & Suzanne Miller Sophia Izabella Miller
Charlie Lockard Stephanie Machinski
Thomas and Becky Pryor Stephanie Machinski
Sandra McGinnis, Rebecca Wither, Judy Mapstone, Patricia Bowman Stephanie Machinski
Daniel & Christie Fry Stephanie Machinski
Maraleane Murray Stephanie Snyder-Josenhans
Wanda Fry-Costain Stephanie Snyder-Josenhans
Lora Spencer and Skip Lose Stephanie Snyder-Josenhans
Jerry & Georgia Stauffer Stephanie Snyder-Josenhans
Sue Langer Stephanie Snyder-Josenhans
Gerald Mitcheltree Tango
Candace Nonemaker Terry Feist
Alicia Wright Terry Feist
Paul & Nancy Hamilton Thomas Peterman
Mark Guzzo Thomas Peterman
David & Deborah Marks Thomas Peterman
George & Sharon Thompson Thomas Peterman
Michael Millhouse Thomas Peterman
Diane Prieur Thomas Peterman (Tom)
Brett, Wendy and Rob Hinkal Tiger Young
Bonnie Vannucci Jamieson Virginia M. Bower (Ginny)
Michelle Gay William Lundy
Carol Clapp William Lundy
Marjorie Baney Wm. Sheastey Baney
Betty Lancaster and Susan Bondman
Becky Miller Pryor


Donor In Honor Of
Eric Affsprung Bob Smakula
Robert & Susan Christ Donald Miller
Bruce Jackson Rita Rush
Larry Ramer Nicole Mummert and Wendy Rundio
From 11/1/20-2/15/21
Donor In Memory Of
Shirley & Stanley Glidewell Adolph Cillo
Anne Miller Anne Parsons
Roni Stiger Anne Parsons
Travis Weaver Astra W.
Linda Frein Barbara Doebler
Sandra Gillam Barbara Doebler
Sandra Gillam Barbara Doebler
Lois Hughes Barbara Doebler
Nina Berkheiser Barbara Minier
Georganne Fuller Barbara Minier
William & Jeanne Yaggi Barbara Minier
James and Gail Huggins Barbara Minier
Marlene Kibler Bernard Kibler
Brenda Schwanbeck Beverly J. Walters
Linda Rose Beverly Walters
Thomas Kensinger Beverly Walters
Genie Wines Boomer and Molly
Christopher Mitchell Bradley Stephen Wallace
Bruce & Janet Hurlbert Bradley Wallace
William & Linda Wallace Bradley Wallace
Jerry & Joy Ann Walls Bradley Wallace
Ann Wildasin Bradley Wallace
Marqueen Henry Bradley Wallace
Wanda Howey Bradley Wallace
Jack & Sandy Smith Bradley Wallace
Claude & Lois Williams Bradley Wallace
John & Charlotte Zalonis Bradley Wallace
Nancy & Robert Bowers Bradley Wallace
Linda Stein Bradley Wallace
Jerry & Anita Carroll Bradley Wallace
Sally Sheaffer Bradley Wallace
Richard & Elizabeth Lightbourn Bradley Wallace
Darrell & Judy Converse Bradley Wallace
Elizabeth Petrick Bradley Wallace
Don Peterson Bradley Wallace
John & Janice Stitt Bradley Wallace
John Stuempfle, Jr. Bradley Wallace
Charles C. Fulkerson Family Bradley Wallace
David & Karen Demmien Bradley Wallace
John & Sharon Buroker Bradley Wallace
Donna Peterson-hildebrand Bradley Wallace
Don & Ginny Garver Bradley Wallace
Jamie & Irena Wallace Bradley Wallace
Joyce Circle Bradley Wallace
Edward Kaye Brandy
Christy Szafran Bruce Albert Johnson
Christy Szafran Bruce Albert Johnson
Virginia Houseknecht Buddy
Donald Miller Buddy, Duffey and Abbey
Paul & Nancy Hamilton Carol Krah
Robert & Ruth McMahon Carol Krah
Perry & Beverly Berger Carol Krah
Lori Snyder Charles Grove
Roche Financial Christie “Chris” Rager
Mary Bellizia-Way Chuck, Sam, Gia and Reggie
Thomas & Ann Henry Clara Judd
Bruce Huffman Clue
Donna Libby Corenne Guthrie
Accuweather, Inc. Corenne Guthrie
Michael Gerardi Corenne Guthrie
Judee Robinholt Corenne Guthrie
Wolfgang & Judy Rast D. Jane Lomison
Wesley & Ellen Whipple D. Jane Lomison
Wilfred & Deborah Stackhouse D. Jane Lomison
Beverly Lowe D. Jane Lomison
Paul & Donna Shaner D. Jane Lomison
Colleen Irwin & Betty Ramin D. Jane Lomison
Sharon Gottschall Daisy Gottschall
Linda Miller Dan Pellacore
William & Sherry Schaefer David Fluck
Patricia Kiessling Deb Mazurek
Victor Manno Deborah M. Mazurek
Carol McMurray Deborah Mazurek
Dave & Nancy Johnston Deborah Mazurek
Richard and Nancy Dennis “Denny” Simons
Albert Styrcula Dolly
Rikki McElroy Donna Buss
The Williamsport Home Doris Bower
Rita & Ron Shoemaker Doris Williams
Lycoming Housing Authority Dorothy Engel
Patricia Wittig Dorothy Engel
Maurice & JoAnn Pap La Rin Dorothy Engel
Lisa Gallagher Dorothy Engel
Kimberly Formica Doug Lechler
Lois Myers Doug Lechler
Christy Westphal Doug Lechler
Thomas & Ann Henry Doug Lechler
Wayne & Kay Fetzer Doug Lechler
The Brion Family Doug Lechler
Earl & Stacy St. James Douglas Lechler
Raymond & Judith Spinzia Dundee and Charlie
Charles & Rochelle Keefer Esther Greenawalt
Vincent & Laura Quick Esther Greenawalt
Matthew & Tami Smith Esther Greenawalt
Harold Randall & Anita Bobot Esther Shockey
Karen Humphrey Fluffy
Nancy McCartney Frances Deppen
Nancy Marsh Frances Deppen
Michael & Diann Leece Giacomo
Leary & Sandy Platt Ginger and Shania
David Keiser Goldie Boyer
Tricia Bausinger Gracie
Karen Humphrey Gracie
Molly & Chaela Nesselrodt & Swink Gracie & Milo
Edie Gair Harold E. Ruch, Sr.
Brian Dowd Helen J. Kitchen
Vivian Siegel Helen Kitchen
Wayne and Shirley Fox Helen Kitchen
Janice Kuzio Henri Dunlap
Lissa McDermott Henry Perciballi
Jay & Ann McCormick Henry Perciballi
Stephen & Christine Kaiser Henry Perciballi
David & Maggie Roche Henry Perciballi
William Metzger, Sr. Henry Perciballi
Emily Crockett Henry Perciballi
Ron & Pam Travis Henry Perciballi
Peter & Linda Schultz Henry Perciballi
Harold & Ellen Spooner Henry Perciballi
John Beauge Henry Perciballi
Richard and Nancy Dewald Henry Perciballi
Melissa Young Henry Perciballi
Michael & Vickie Ireland Henry Perciballi
Vic & Mary Engel Henry Perciballi
Joel & Elsie Wessner Henry Perciballi
Kay Ertel Henry Perciballi
Bill Castle and Daphne Hill Henry Perciballi
Margaret Burfeindt Henry Perciballi
Barbara Lytle Henry Perciballi
William & Sarmite Judson Henry Perciballi
Williamsport Country Club Henry Perciballi
Robin Pardoe Henry Perciballi
James Huffman and Meg Smith Henry Perciballi
Joyce Hershberger Henry Perciballi
Douglass and Bill Knapsack Holly Learned
Janet Linderman Jaeger and Ali and Sugar
Sandra Felix James McCloskey
Vicki Ginsburg Jasmine
Fran Cook Jerry Starr
Sonia & Jim Avallone Jessica Homler
George McKenzie, Jr. Jessica Homler
Michael & Tammy Miller Jessica Homler
Ryan & Dani Kane Jessica M. Homler
Greg Smith John B. and Doris L. Smith
Judy Slaughter John Burleigh
Steven & Elaine Awalt John Burleigh
Theresa Thornton John Burleigh
Doris Bower John Burleigh
Robert & Christine Gruenewald John Burleigh
Maureen & Patrick Carey John Burleigh
Dawn Hedges John Kisinger
Galen & Pamela Davenport John Mundrick
Sandra & Tom Kline Kline’s Goldens and Poe
Helen Moore L. T. Moore
Cynthia Peck Lacey Kinley
William Hodrick Larry Jackson
Mike & Donna Bastian Larry Jackson
Steve and Nancy Johnson Larry Jackson
Terry & Susan Girdon Larry Jackson
The Pennsylvania College of Technology Laurie Kiss
Lorena Dunlap Laurie Kiss
Wendy Hinkal Layla
Ann Sanders Leslie Miller
Judith Stetler Leslie Miller
Cheryl Serra Leslie Miller
Nancy Harmon Lori Ann Cook-Stabley
Michele Price Lori Ann Cook-Stabley
Barbara Stabley Lori Ann Cook-Stabley
Mary Fray Lucky
Mary Fray Lucky
Alyssa Gochnauer Lucy
Suzanne Sweitzer Major and Tasha
Maria Mines Margaret “Peg” Adams
Julie Jeirles Margaret Morris
Andrea & Anthony Salvatori Marie Byerly
Janice Yaw & David Rife Marie Byerly
Robert & Mary Schultz Marie Byerly
Sarah Grieco Marie Byerly
Linda/Andy Powell Marie Byerly
Barbara McCullough Marie Byerly
Ed & Linda Alberts Marie Byerly
Melanie Foster Mary E. Williams
Robert Deitch Mary E. Williams
Lindsay and Hager CPA Mary Eakin
Rose M. Newcomer Mary Smith
Phyllis Creasy Mary Smith
Raymond & Suzanne Peeler Mary Smith
Jim & Sue Maiolo Mary Spotts
Christina Amann Mary Williams
Edward & Kara Feeney Mary Williams
Trudy Shively Mary Williams
The Williamsport Home Mary Williams
Gavin & Joanna Pratt Mary Williams
Sarah & Chris Packard Mary Williams
Beverly Herold Mary Winner
Corrie Roadarmel Michael C. Welch
Laura Eck Mickey Matthews
Ida Miller Mo’
Debbie Stine Molly Smith
Joyce Dorsett Molly Smith
Jamie Smith Molly Smith
Thomas & Sharleen Shoff Mow-Mow the cat and Casey the dog
William Spangle, DMD Nancy B Spangle
Judith Herr, Secretary/Treasurer Nancy Ingraham
Barb Barner Nancy Ingraham
Tushanna & James Hamilton Nancy Ingraham
Wayne & Kay Fetzer Nancy Ingraham
Judy Thrash-Foster Nancy Ingraham
Donald & Catherine Brown Nancy Ingraham
Shirley Norman Nancy Ingraham
Janet Wible Nancy Ingraham
Gayle Peters-Coates Ned S. Coates
Nan Young Nelson Young
Isaac & Scott Hampton Nibbles Hampton
John & Kim Hufnagel Nissa Myers
Lee & Lynne Trefsger Our precious dog, Fluffy
Arleen McGuire Our yellow lab, Devan Dunlop
W.C. & Nora Brown Patricia Fausey
Amy Joseph Patti Bastress
Andrew & Joanna Jacobs Patti Bastress
Virginia Glossner Paul Mostoller
Peter & Yvonne Trimble Pirate Sky
Lori Wingrove Poogan Wingrove
Mike & Aleese Drawbaugh Reg
Casey Hess Rich Looke
Gloria Route Rich Looke
Mike & Kim Heffner Richard Looke
Michael McFadden Richard S. Looke
Kerry Shiller Richard S. Looke
Susan Myers Robert Courtney
Kelly Watts Robert Courtney
James & Carla Hepburn Robert Courtney
Philip & Barbara Thomas Robert Courtney
Don & Sharon King Robert Courtney
Joe DeGregorio Robert Courtney
Keith & Elaine Harvey Robert Courtney
Evelyn Free Robert Courtney
Bob and Sally Winn Robert Courtney
Mary Ellen Embick Robert Courtney
Sandra Felix Robert Courtney
Dale & Shirley Bittenbender Robert Courtney
Ronald Stroble, Sr. Robert Courtney
Betty Hazard and Steven Keller Robert Courtney
Donald Needham Robert Courtney
Gary Saam Robert Ken Ellis
Beverly Smith Robert Kenneth Ellis
Frank & Shirley Clark Robert Kenneth Ellis
Dorothy Sartwell Robert Kenneth Ellis
Barry & Candace Buck Robert Kenneth Ellis
Raymond & Linda Fischer Robert Kenneth Ellis
Bob & Ruth Heller Robert Little
Bill & Sharon Castle Robert Little
Eldred Township Volunteer Fire Company Roland Dangle
Thomas & Susan Brittain Ryan and Barb Sealy
John & Helen Smith Samantha
Lara Schmitt Sammy
Lara Schmitt Sammy
Patricia Hassenplug Sandra Bright
Barbara Cozzolino Sara Coolidge
Troy & Kathy Kelsey Sarajane Hammond
Michael Cunningham Sarajane Hammond
Paralegal Assist LLC Sharon Machamer
M Theresa Fosko Shirley J Miller
Cody Didas Shirley Miller
Paige & Bob Miller Shirley Miller
Clair Keefer Shirley Miller
Sue Hilsher Shirley Miller
Bruce & Judith McCrodden Shirley Miller
Gearhart Herr & Co. Insurance Shirley Miller
Jay & Ann McCormick Shirley Miller
Ann Sanders Sidney “Skip” Stine
Harold & Patricia Karge Sidney “Skip” Stine
Timothy & Robin Pardoe Sidney “Skip” Stine
Ann Knapp Sidney “Skip” Stine
MaryAnn Lampman Sidney “Skip” Stine
Sally & Stephen Manning Sidney “Skip” Stine
Perry & Cindy Reed Sidney “Skip” Stine
Leonard & Sandy Mahonski Sidney “Skip” Stine
William & Beverly Murphy Sidney “Skip” Stine
Barbara Hall Skiddy
Cherylyn Sauter Skip Greenaway
Lynn Jackson Sparky
Michael & Patricia Beckman Stanley Solarek
Gary & Nikki Ungard Stanley Solarek
Carla Cipolla Stephanie Machinski
David & Rita Strickler Stephanie Machinski
Eric Bray Stephen R Shaffer
David H. Shaffer Stephen R. Shaffer
Karen Walters Stephen R. Shaffer
Lori Bray Stephen Shaffer
Cindy Mathieson Stephen Shaffer
Alan & Vickie Morgan Stephen Shaffer
The Bray Family – Jack, Kathy, Adam, Jess, Pat and Jackie Stephen Shaffer
Stephen Durkee Stephen Shaffer
Donna & James Sortman Stephen Shaffer
William & Susan Scott Stephen Shaffer
JB Realty, Inc. Stephen Shaffer
Mendham Twp Middl School Stephen Shaffer
Wanda Hendershot Stephen Shaffer
Anita & Trisha Gibbons Steve Shaffer
David Shaffer Steve Shaffer
Gerald Mitcheltree Tango
Randall Reid Thelma and Louise
Stephen and Pauline Durkee Thomas Kuhns
Joe & Carole Cardone Thomas Kuhns
Carol Rearick Thomas Kuhns
Douglas & Sue Donner Thomas Kuhns
Gloria Pyle Thomas Kuhns
Dan & Diane Brown Thomas Kuhns
John & Nancy Wilcox Thomas Kuhns
David & Linda Bartges Thomas Kuhns
Clarence & Joan Knaus Thomas Kuhns
Herbert & Bonnie Seltzer Thomas West
Rexford Lowmiller Thomas West
Alfred & Ann Reeves Thomas West
Marqueen Henry Thomas West
Kevin & Susan Brackett Thomas West
Holly & David Huyck Thomas West
Peggy & Bob Breon Thomas West
Janet Swank Thomas West
Sara Watts Thomas West
Michael & Kathy Burkhart Velma
Randy & Kathryn Probst Vincent Waldman
Jeffrey & Brenda Cowles Vincent Waldman
Joseph & Martha Borraccini Vincent Waldman
Barry & Joyce Borrell Vincent Waldman
John & Margaret Piper Wallace, long-time pet dog of Kathy and Bob Larson
Brytni Leschinskie Walter
Linda Miller Walter and Sophie
Ruth Croyle Watson Scaife
Beth Wilson Wayne Roller
Fred Kennedy Wyatte
Eileen Kennedy Yonce
Megan Sobieski Zinc
Donald & Patricia Houck Zoey
Donor In Honor Of
Linda Sheets Bethany Hughes
Jason U Betsy Sparling
Robert M. Sides Family Music Centers Brody, Robert M. Sides Store Dog
Rita Rush Bruce Jackson
Robert Kurland Buster
Alanna Harding Cedar Harding
David and Deborah Stabley Cindy Fleck
Susan Whipple D. Jane Lomison
Emily Mazurek and Patricia Young Deborah Mazurek
Judy Musheno Don & Peggy Floyd
John Foote Ella Lamey
Karen Bauer Geraldine Moss
Matthew Lazorwitz Heather Hinshaw
Paula & Martin Manning Jennifer McKulski
Matt Hiller Joan Hiller
Ann McKean Jolie Wenner
Kathleen Fought Joseph Blank
Jamie Houseknecht Judy Harris
Betty Salsgiver Karen and Bill Hetner
Jennifer Gotshall Margaret Welch
Matthew Dudek Melissa Dudek
Susquehanna Software, Inc. Michelle Thomas
Michael Leid Nate & Becky Gibboney
Frances Pfaff Ollie Taylor
Susan Stopper Pamela Apker
Nathan Helminiak Penny Helminiak
Matt Hiller Robert and Betzi Hiller
L Reist Rowan Reist
Aimee Reed Skip Heller
Craig Eck Steve and Dori Eck
Roy Tuller Teddy & Toby Tuller
Jessica Laubach Teresa Stropp
Betsy Henkelman Terry & Susan Girdon
Tom & Peggy Ritter Terry Ritter
Entech Engineering West Branch Regional Authority
Michael & Kathy Burkhart Zoe & Koa
From 7/14/20-10/31/20

Donations to the SPCA may be made in honor or in memory of a loved one, pet or human. In fact, many of our donations come through with one of these designations. *We strive for accuracy and would like to know if we missed your donation. Please contact Jamie Caputo for any corrections at or by calling 570-322-4646.


Donor In Honor Of
Peter V Vargo Humane Officer Shawn McMonigle
Whitney Gray Ivy Gray
Gary & Dawn Guerrisky Kurt Caruso
Fred Stackhouse Lois Wachter
Melissa Rush Merck Keystone Central District Team
Community Theatre league, Inc. Missy Black
Linda Hoffman Tres
Donor In Memory Of
Paul & Beth Wilson “The Barn” Barney
Marvin Staiman Amanda Bergstrom
Thelma Lentz Amanda Bergstrom
Michael Fink Amanda Bergstrom
Diane Cox Amanda Bergstrom
Marie Barta and Family Amanda Bergstrom
Jennifer Pfirman Amanda Rene Bergstrom
T. Vance Amos Ward
Stephanie Calder Anne Parsons
Louise Jones Anne Parsons
David & Laurie Patt Anthony Waldron
Kimberle Davis Archie Shaner
Anthony & Susan Paglia Arthur “Ted” Nonemaker
Thomas Kitchen Bernadine Baltzer
Myrna Byrne Bernadine Baltzer
Linda Sheets Bethany Hughes
Shirley Newcomer Bill Newcomer
Roberty & Mary Brague Bonnie Phillips
Wendy, Brett & Rob Hinkal Brad Wallace
Mary Pierce Bradley Stephen Wallace
Mike & Linda Goldman Charles Heaps
Lennae Otto Charles Tice
Selena Santalucia Charles Tice
Regina Latini Charles Tice
Mary Pinto Charles Tice
Lori Snyder Charles Grove
Kristina Reis Charles L. Tice Sr
Carol Rogus Dale Files
Laura, Ian, Landon & Brooks Donaldson Dale Files
Evan Ruane Dale Files
Rodney & Constance Opp Dale Files
William & Shaaron Thomas Dale Files
Maryanne Rossello Dale Files
Eileen Gordon Dale Files
Florence Snyder Dale L. Files
Linda Stein Darla Zimmers
Lorrena Preble Darla Zimmers
Joy and Dean Barto Darla Zimmers
Edward & Maria Gronlund Darla Zimmers
Sandra Jansson Deb Holmes
Yvonne Kaiser Deb Holmes
Samantha Morrison Derrick Horne
Janel Woodling Derrick Horne
Paralegal Assist LLC Derrick Horne
Marguerite Mariscal Dick Ferrier
Robert & Geraldine Chianelli Dolores Miller
Joyce Wolyniec Dolores Miller
Robert & Joan Heckrote Dorothy Frantz
Balcony View Farm LLC Dorothy Frantz
District Sunshine Fund – Penndot Esther Greenawalt
Michael & Precilla Totin Esther Greenawalt
Lois Koch Ethel Koch
Bev Grimes Garland Miller
Robert Lehman Gene Lehman
Jonathan Battaglia Gene S. Lehman
Bryan Albertini Gia
Bryan Albertini Gia Boombox Procopio Albertini
Lorraine & Jeff Rein Gizmo
Leah Lewis Harold Lewis
Elizabeth Thompson Harry Smith
R Elaine Probasco James Hiller
Barbara McCarty James Hiller
William & Veronica Muzic Jane Russell
Chris Dell Jennie M. Smith
Jessica Humer Joseph Chance
Ed Cioffi Kurt Caruso
William & Carrie Evelhair Kurt Caruso
Jackie Shifflet Kurt Caruso
Jennifer Caruso Kurt Caruso
Donald & Brenda Larson Kurt Caruso
Judith Yoho Kurt Angelo Caruso
Melissa Boyle Kurt Angelo Caruso
Cloyd & Mary Koch Leonard Rishel
Jay & Sally Hilsher Lewis Folk
The Williamsport Home Lewis Folk
Cynthia & Robert Moon Louis Mallott
Ray & Mary Stahl Louis Mallott
Mary Fray Lucky
Delores Kobal Margaret Kobal
John & Mary Ann Striebich Margaret Ottenmiller
Stacy Harris Moose
William Charles Nancy Ann Charles
Joseph & Anne Raniero Pat McKernan
Elizabeth Redmond Patrick Redmond
Dolores Harman Paul Mostoller
Sherry Rice Paul Mostoller
Andrew Gallagher Paul Mostoller
Dennis & Aileen Wertz Paul Mostoller
Andrew Gallagher Paul Mostoller
Marilyn Incitti PeeWee
Dick & Sallie Thomas Raymond Bodewes
Brian McClintock Reji Mezzy
Hallie & Charles Luppert Richard Ferrier
Heidi Ann Charlton Richard Ferrier
Robert & Louise Cellini Richard Ferrier
Melanie Moore Richard D. “Dick” Ferrier
David Glattstein Richard D. “Dick” Ferrier
Robert Monk, Jr. Robert Todd
Frances Jackson Robert Todd
Donald & Catherine Brown Robert Todd
Todd & Stacy Willits Robert Todd
Bruce & Angelyn Boncal Robert Todd
Brenda & Barry Rake Robert Todd
Dan & Susan Hartranft Robert Todd
Shawn & Krista McMonigle Robert Charles Heaps
Patricia Miller Roger Miller
Sandra Gillam Roger Wertz
Wayne & Debbie Stine Roland Dangle
Melissa Christ Roland Dangle
MIchael & Debra Weisbrod Roland Dangle
Gary & Wanda Stine Roland Dangle
Jim & Marlene Brown Roland Dangle
Charles & Rosemary Lundy Roland Dangle
Blessing Mountain Hunting Club Inc. Roland Dangle
Robert Gruenewald Ronald Kelch
Linda Peterman Ronald Peterman
Marilyn Incitti Roxanne Muhabir-Baccari
Luther & Faye Stoudt Ruth Myers
Thomas & Susan Brittain Ryan and Barb Sealy
Susan Scheid Sara Coolidge
Gary & Karen Fischer Sara Coolidge
Delores Eiswerth Sara Coolidge
Robert Engel Sara Coolidge
Cathy Schilling Sara Coolidge
Richard & Martha Kotch Sara Coolidge
William & Betty Kelly Sara Coolidge
Phyllis Sieber Sara Coolidge
Wendy Romano Sara Coolidge
Beverly Hunsberger Sara Coolidge
Andy Beach Sara Ann Coolidge
Becky Kotch Sara Ann Coolidge
Roberta Paris Sara Ann Coolidge
Suzanne Clevenger Sara Ann (Lehman) Coolidge
Jay Seegers Sara Ann (Lehman) Coolidge
Primus Technologies Corp. Sheryl Ditzler
Jennifer Cowden Tasha
Kenneth & Carolyn Krammes Thomas Schramm
Torrey & Donna Cross Thomas Schramm
Norman & Cindy Brenneman Thomas Schramm
Cynthia & Nate Bates Thomas Schramm
Tom & Betty Balzer Thomas Schramm
Ruth Rees Thomas Schramm
Sharon Djafaripour Thressa Signor
Lauren Ferguson Thressa L. Signor
Kimberly Miller Tom Todd
Susanne Cress Ziggy
Karen Myers  
Donald Miller  
Bernice & Charles Kuhns  
Gloria Long  
Terry & Susan Girdon  
Julia Barger  
Terry & Susan Girdon  
Mary Bellizia-Way  
Karen & Bill Hetner  
Donna & James Sortman  
Ronald & Tonnye Rupp  
Cynthia Helt  
Laura Dickinson  
Laura Dickinson  
Brenda Harman  
Gary & Deanna Cowles  
Donald Miller  
Terry & Susan Girdon  
From 2/12/20-7/13/20

Donations to the SPCA may be made in honor or in memory of a loved one, pet or human. In fact, many of our donations come through with one of these designations. *We strive for accuracy and would like to know if we missed your donation. Please contact Jamie Caputo for any corrections at or by calling 570-322-4646.


Donor In Honor Of
Patricia Taylor JoAnn DePasquale
Linda & Robert Crockett KiKi, Michael & Laurie Barclay
Gail Zimmerman Lilly, Jack & Karen Humphrey
Dianne Peeling Lilly, Jack & Karen Humphrey
Beverly McCauley Lily, Jack & Karen Humphrey
Andrew Bartlow Luann Bartlow
Maria Mines New Beginnings Healthcare
Gloria Long Piper, Cassey & Alfie, Connie & Reed Sibley
Bruce Jackson Rita Rush’s 90th Birthday
Harley & Roxann Freezer SPCA Volunteers
Michael Stewart Thunder and Lighting, Tina Snyder
Terry Wilk Wendy Wilk’s Birthday
Richard & Maralyn Lloyd Zeus, Dennis & Rebecca Dewald

Donor In Memory Of
John & Jane Matter Anne Parsons
Deb & Stephen Schall Anne Parsons
Evelyn Landis Anne Parsons
Lauren Lee Anne Parsons
Leslie Hayashi Anne Parsons
Joanne Kittredge Anne Parsons
Nick & Catherine Sfikas Anthony Venieris
Tammie Cristini Anthony Venieris
Sally Hilsher and Jayme Sherman Anthony Venieris
Jennifer Gray Roberts. Anthony Venieris
Mary Meehan Anthony Waldron
Patti Lundy Anthony Waldron
Nancy Klein Anthony Waldron
Linda Sheets Bethany Hughes
Carol McMurray Betty Rechel
Phillip & Nancy Dorman Birdie
Edward McCabe Bonnie Fenstermacher
Tanga Brown Bonnie Phillips
Restek Family Restek Corporation Bonnie Phillips
Edwin & Margaret Stroble Bonnie Phillips
Donald Miller Buddy Miller
Bob & Ruth Heller C. Thomas Sauerwein
Carol Rearick Carl Miller
Barbara Croteau Carl Miller
Susan Feist Catherine Reed
Regina Latini Charles Martin, Sr.
Donald & Ann Allison Charles Martin, Sr.
Carol Hart Charles Martin, Sr.
Joseph & Jacqueline Hamm Charles Martin, Sr.
Janice Brossman Charles Martin, Sr.
Charles Martin Jr Charles Martin, Sr.
Connie Swanson Charles Martin, Sr.
Korean War Veterans of Lycoming County PA, Inc. Charles Smith
Margrit Shoemaker Charles Smith
Stephen Durkee Charles Smith
The Williamsport Home Charles Smith
Donna & James Sortman Charles Smith
Doris Schelb Charles Smith
Kathleene Hetner Charles Smith
Regina McCabe Daisy
Susan German Daisy
West Branch Valley Association of Realtors Darrel Rogers
Paul Nyman Darrel Rogers
Hazel Barger Delores Eiswerth
Jill Berry Ellen Berry
Debra Pietrovito Floye Shaner
Julie Dobson Irma Hinds
Ray & Mary Stahl Jacque Lynch
Lisa & Doug Ott James Fullerton
Melissa Yacoby James Fullerton
Emily Jones James Fullerton
Gene Lehman James Fullerton
Nieces & Nephews of the Smith Family James Fullerton
Administration at the Jail James Fullerton
Corinne Paulhamus James Fullerton
Gregory Steppe & Amanda Paulhamus James Fullerton
Jon & Sue Engel James Fullerton
Betsy Smith James Fullerton
Ann & Mervyn Stubinsky James Fullerton
Bonnie Miller Janet Rogers
Barbara & Bob McCullough Joanne Yingling
Sandra Reabuck John Moll
Sherry L Yarrison John Phillip McLean
Cynthia & Art Sterner Jordan Woltz
John & Linda Barone Jordan Woltz
Laura Dickinson Joseph Paterno Crossley Wright
Joe & Virginia English Joseph Rider
Carol LaBorie June Flook
Donald Flook June Flook
Sharon Guthrie June Flook
Debra Phillips Kathryn Ann Thompson
Kim Thompson Kathryn Ann Thompson
Ronald & Carolyn Thompson Kathryn Ann Thomspon
Robert Houseknecht Libby
John & Becky Weaver Linda Best
Charles & Edna Brown Louis Staccone
Steve & Gay Fedder Louis Staccone
Donna & James Sortman Louis Staccone
Howard Aderhold Louis Staccone
Tom & Betty Balzer Louis Staccone
Mary Fray Lucky
John & Linda Lundy Maggie (Ricci)
Lorraine Poore Mandy
Nancy & Robert Bowers Mary Alice Woodling
Marc & Diane Lewis Mary Alice Woodling
Patti Lundy Mary Alice Woodling
Bill & Ginny Kieser Mary Margaret Farnsworth
Scott & Dawn Clark Mary Margaret Farnsworth
Mary & Robert Herzenberg Michele Ramsauer
Stephen & Christine Kaiser Michele Ramsauer
Suzanne Forcey Michele Ramsauer
Barbara Morrone Michele Ramsauer
Donna & James Sortman Michele Ramsauer
Anna Payne Michele Ramsauer
Sally & Rick Greevy Michele Ramsauer
Gene & Roseann Pelleschi Michele Ramsauer
Eleanor & Henry Perciballi Michele Ramsauer
Richard Matukonis Michele Ramsauer
Nancy Larson Michele Ramsauer
Nancy Larson Michele Ramsauer
Joyce & Duane Bower Michele Ramsauer
Dawn Sweeley Michele Ramsauer
Dianne Peeling Michele Ramsauer
Donald & Patricia Houck Misty & Mandy
Mary Mcoy Nancy Paucke
Carol Kilpatrick Nancy Reitnauer
Cindy Hauser Nancy Reitnauer
Linda Peterman Our pets, Noodles, Lucas and Sammy
Jo & David Davis Pamela Lewis
Julie Dobson Pamela Lewis
Gerald Hammaker Pamela Lewis
Gary Smith Pamela Lewis
Laura Dickinson Phoebe and Theo, beloved companions of the Newman family
Wolfgang & Judy Rast Pita, beloved cat of Erik and Tara Rast
Matthew, Megan & Belle Bahn Reggie
Martin & Jean Doughty Ricky Eckenstine
Charles & Elizabeth Lomas Robert Wandell
Daniel Brubaker Roberta Spaeth
Marge Twigs, Treasurer Roberta Spaeth
Norman & Mary Ann Cowden Rocky & Abbey
Harold Opinsky Saint Francis
Randall Reid Salvadore Bones
William & Constance Foresman Salvadore Bones
James & Nancy Zellers Salvadore Bones
Beth Wilson Salvadore Bones
Donna & James Sortman Salvadore Bones
The Heltman Family Salvadore Bones
Beth Wilson Salvadore Bones
Retired State Police Association of PA, Inc. Salvadore Bones
Helen & James Smith Samantha
Carol Lamparter Shannon
Gayle Badger Shirley Sontori
Margaret & James Redka Skipper
Vicki Plocinski Steve Saar
Good Will Hunting Club Steve Saar
Mina Mankad Tae
Gary & Phyllis Heisley Teddy
Rett & Natalie Holmes Wayne Beatty
Glenda & Ed Nelson Wayne Beatty
Michael Miller Wayne Beatty
Martin & Gale Flayhart Wayne Beatty
UWUA Local 587 Wayne Beatty
Truck-Lite Co., LLC Wayne Beatty
Valerie Anderson Wayne Beatty
Joe & Becky Hutchinson Wayne Beatty
Glenda & Edmund Nelson Wayne Beatty
Gertrude Beatty Wayne Beatty
Joe DeGregorio Willa Fae Danley
Eleanor & Henry Perciballi William Henninger
Sharon Ludwig William Henninger
William & Selma Sheriff William Henninger
Julia Barger Zoom Zoom, William Henninger
From 11/11/19 - 2/11/20
Donations to the SPCA may be made in honor or in memory of a loved one, pet or human. In fact, many of our donations come through with one of these designations. *We strive for accuracy and would like to know if we missed your donation. Please contact Jamie Caputo for any corrections at or by calling 570-322-4646.



Donor In Honor Of
Robert & Betzi Hiller Alex & Cia Reis
Kelly Gundy Amy Bryan
Bill & Lorraine Manos Barbara Lytle
Beth & Paul Wilson Barney
Jeff Scheckter Betsy Noyce
Carol & Lanny Fisher Big Jo
Nora Stuart Birthday
Douglas & Melissa Lundy Bonnie and Betty Mitcheltree
Lori Snyder Charles & Marilyn Grove
Wally & Cindy Helt Chewy
Dave & Joan Downs Chris & Kim Downs
Albert & Judith Styrcula Dolly
Don Roman Donald & Helen Roman
Greg Smith Doris Smith
Wendy Strouse-Beatty Glenn Gough & Family
Shawn & Krista McMonigle Gracie
Shawn & Krista McMonigle Gracie
Charles Forbes Haley
Rebecca Montgomery Hallie & Charles Luppert
Bill and Sue Bowen Hannah Moleski
Raymond & Judith Spinzia Isis
Julie Reed Izzy
James Nolan Jean Nolan
Claudia Wrightson Jean Wilt
Caroline Scheckter Jeff Scheckter
Walter Levan Jeff Shulz
Peter & Yvonne Trimble Joanne Sky
Peter & Yvonne Trimble John & Barbara Trimble
John Jennings Jr. John Jennings
Jamie Houseknecht Judy Harris
Annette Sheets Kilick
Sue Overdorf Kristen & Doug Overdorf
Susan Powell Lexie
Jane Bixler Lexie
Jane Scheffey Lexie
Jenifer Hope Lexie
John and Marilyn Incitti Lexie
Joyce & Lynn Hudak Lexie
Matthew Hutchinson Lexie
Rebecca Nagel Lexie
Marilyn Incitti Maddie
Steven & Sandra Barnes Marisa DiSalvo
Jim & Sue Maiolo Mary Spotts & Family
Jessica Marzo & Family Milo
Tammie Cristini & Phyllis Sieber Mocha
David & Sarah Craig Nancy Boyer
Eric Judy Paula Judy
Lori Davenport Rhonda Jennings
Tricia Bausinger Rocco
Susan Bowen Sandon Karinsky
Suzanne Berfield Sharon Manikowski
Andrew Gallagher Susan Fahl
Jessica Laubach Teresa Stropp
Michael Stewart Thunder and Lighting
Chelsey Carnrike Tom & Betty Balzer
Jody Scott Tracey Harvey
Todd Weaver Travis Weaver
Robyn Diakite UPMC Susquehanna Heart and Vascular Administrative
Terrance Howson Yuri
Donor In Memory Of
Lena Hoffman Abigail Hoffman
Michael & Willa Stewart all our dogs
Mark Shoff All our furry friends.
Harley & Bertha Fry Anita Watts
Karen Secules Anne Millhouse
Gary Smith & Associates Tax Accounting Services Ashley Cupp
Brenda Rabert Bam Bam & Ellie May
Thomas & Susan Brittain Barbara Sealy
Brian Stonkus Benny, Sunshine, Moosh, Tasha, Max, & Patches
Marlene Kibler Bernard Kibler
John & Robin Tebbs Beverly Lippoli
Tammy & Ray Baier Beverly Lippoli
Barbara Reilly Big Jo
Tom & Betty Balzer Bill Kiessling
Susan Marshall Brittany and Rocky Marshall
Donald Miller Buddy
Lori Markel Buddy
Donald Miller Buddy & Duffy
Shirley & Marlin Bastian Buddy & Sugar Bastian
Terry & Joyce Radcliffe C. Thomas Sauerwein
Donald Gephart Carl Miller
Brodart Co. Carl Parker
Jack & Karen Humphrey Carl Parker
Richard Matukonis Carl Parker
The Williamsport Home Carl Parker
The Williamsport Home Charles Casale
Gene Lehman Charles Dougherty
Lori Strimple Charles Dougherty
Marilyn Incitti Charles Yetter
Charles & Elizabeth Lomas Cheryl Roan
Betsy Grbenick Cory Collins
Betty Steinbacher Cory Collins
Janice Newland Cory Collins
John Archambault Cory Collins
Mary Beth Clark Cory Collins
Nancy Connors Cory Collins
New Beginnings Healthcare Cory Collins
Norman Mordue Cory Collins
Richard Matukonis Cory Collins
Sandra Houser Cory Collins
Trisha Marty Cory Collins
Pam Conrad Daisy…….formerly known as Sable
Barbara Boyd Daphne
Don Butters Darlyn Knauff
Aaron & Lily Matthews David Fluck
Kim Fox David Fluck
Doris Smith Donald Baltzer
Myrna Byrne Donald Baltzer
Jose Ameigh Donald W. Ameigh
Geraldine Moss Donna Beaver
Karen Bauer Donna Beaver
Betty Winner Doris Puderbaugh
Diane Wagner Doris Puderbaugh
Ellen Smith Doris Puderbaugh
Carol Brest Douglas Dusza
David & Maggie Roche Douglas Dusza
Deborah Neubold Douglas Dusza
Frank & Bonnie Bennett Douglas Dusza
Frank & Marlaud DeFonzo Douglas Dusza
Jeffrey Levan Douglas Dusza
Ronald & Marcia Stout Douglas Dusza
Monica Tedesco Drama and Pedro
Tom & Emma Dewald Duchess
Donald Miller Duffey, Buddy & Abbey
Raymond & Judith Spinzia Dundee & Charlie
Danny Chirdon Elizabeth Chirdon
Mark & Melissa Rackish Fergi Rackish
Anita Hagerman Flint Faubion
Daniel Backer Flint Faubion
Stephanie Pickering Flint Faubion
Lee & Lynne Trefsger Fluffy
Cindy Norman Fred Bomboy
David & Brenda Frontz Fred Bomboy
David Fish Fred Bomboy
K. Bomboy Fred Bomboy
Marie Bomboy Fred Bomboy
Matt & Tina Fuller Fred Bomboy
Milton Fire Department, INC. Fred Bomboy
Pamela Tareco Fred Bomboy
Rita Patynski Fred Bomboy
Robert Fish Fred Bomboy
Ruth Ann & Lawrence Bomboy Fred Bomboy
Wanda Fuller Fred Bomboy
Wilma Fish Fred Bomboy
Yvonne Fuller Fred Bomboy
Lorraine Smith Fred Hurd
Veronica Holmes Freddie
Debra Wilcox Gail Bauschke
Amy Bailey George Geib
Louise Sheehan George Geib
Robert & Betzi Hiller George Hiller & Linda Barnes
Kay Stahley Gregory Buck
Patricia Hockenbury Hannah Johnson
Cynthia Pfleegor Harry Hoffman
Albert & Judith Styrcula Brian Gibbons
Anne Bosch Isabel Slupecke
Karen Erskine Isabel Slupecke
Kevin & Anne Bosch Isabel Slupecke
Marilyn Eshleman Isabel Slupecke
Rob Erskine Isabel Slupecke
Ronald & Yolanda Ruth Isabel Slupecke
Joe & Virginia English Izzie
Garry Bassett James & Marleta Bassett
Carol St. Clair James St. Clair
Paula Miller Janet Rogers
Vicki Ginsburg Jasmine
Donna Biehl Jean Shelley
Harry Schier Jim Crouse
Barbara Sullivan JoAnne Calhoun
Kenneth & Nancy Enders JoAnne Calhoun
Linda Calhoun JoAnne Calhoun
Richard & Wendy Collins JoAnne Calhoun
Dawn Hedges John Kisinger
Mary Ann Segraves Judy Dymeck
Timothy & Linda Bower Judy Dymeck
Donna Mirto Kelsey
Richard & Barbara Green Kenneth Bower
William Heggenstaller & Cindy Fuller Lee, Edna, Bridget, & teddy
Robert Houseknecht Libby
Angela Bailey Lincoln – an adoptee from Lycoming
Brenda & Barry Rake Linda Best
Central PA Auto Auction, INC. Linda Best
Cristin & Jeffrey Hamilton Linda Best
Jason & Cathy Yorks Linda Best
Jersey Shore Baseball Booster Club Linda Best
Karen Clausen Linda Best
Linda Esposit Linda Best
Nancy Feerrar Linda Best
Nancy Greene Linda Best
James Barbour Lipton Tee
Mary Fray Lucky
Mary Fray Lucky
Wendy Strouse-Beatty Luke Beatty
Robert & Betzi Hiller Ma H and Kathy Hiller
Carole Bastian Margery Bastian, Fay S. Bastian, & Harry W. Boyer
Betty Baker Martha Feigles
Connie Swanson Martin Marshall
Inez Uhlinger Martin Marshall
Linda & Robert Crockett Martin Marshall
Susan Logue Martin Marshall
John Archambault Mary Lou Archambault
Deborah Wagner Megan Finn
Stephanie Calder Megan Finn
George Winston Michael Blair
Donald Gephart Michael McCabe
Marilyn Shultz Michael Shultz
Nathan Houtz Mike Welch
Bernice & Charles Kuhns Miss Daisy
Donald & Patricia Houck Misty & Mandy
Mark Mann Monica Mann
Fred L Kennedy Mopion and Kodi
William Spangle, DMD Nancy Spangle
Gayle Peters-Coates Ned Coates
John & Kim Hufnagel Nissa Myers
John & Jane Matter Oliver
Terry Girdon Our pets
Barron & Darla Zimmers Past and current fur babies: Trio, Tybo, Katie & Ivy
Hobart Hopkins Patricia Hopkins
Allen & Patricia Flickinger Patti Albin
Linda Burchanoski Patty McCloskey
Linda Eisner Penny Mae Bouse
Ray & Catherine Douglas Radar
Allison Savoy Remi Savoy
Anonymous Robert Hacker
James Holtzman Robert Hacker
Jerry & Georgia Stauffer Robert Hacker
Kay Huffman Robert Hacker
Leatha Kieser Robert Hacker
Linda Stein Robert Hacker
Muncy Womans Club Robert Hacker
Samuel Bryerton Robert Kropp
Cathy Bennett Rocky and Bear
Melanie Doebler Roger Fink
Linda Peterman Ronald Peterman
David & Phyllis Columbine Ruth Hinds
John Archambault Sandra Bright
Omar & Connie Dewald Sandra Bright
Scott Fidler Sara Fidler
Patricia Hassenplug Saudra Bright
Sandra Myers Shadow
Jane Miller Shelly Johnson-Miller
Danny & Sis Springman Shirley Fry
Linda Swisher Shirley Fry
Steve & Candy Dewar Shirley Fry
Roche Financial Shirley Fry & Carl Parker
Clyde & Patty English Shirley Wettcofer & Nancy Vassallo
Cherylyn Sauter Skip Greenaway
Keith & Suzanne Miller Sophia
Emily Lupcho Sophie (cat)
Tom & June Zimmerman Stan Wilk
Barbara Hemmendinger Steve Saar
Charmaine Shockloss Steve Saar
Gerald & Susan Smith Steve Saar
Joseph & Marilyn Neyhart Steve Saar
Julie Cellini Steve Saar
Victor & Esther Spotts Steve Saar
Julie Dobson T. Kennedy
Victoria Ayers Toby the Dog
Veronica Weakland Tom Weakland
Don York Tundra
Mary Ann Size William Henninger
John & Jane Matter William Henninger
Julia Barger Zoom Zoom
From 9/1/19-11/10/19

Donations to the SPCA may be made in honor or in memory of a loved one, pet or human. In fact, many of our donations come through with one of these designations. *We strive for accuracy and would like to know if we missed your donation. Please contact Jamie Caputo for any corrections at or by calling 570-322-4646.

Donor In Memory Of
Linda Sheets Bethany Hughes
Mary Lou & Daniel Hartsock Cecil Calvert
Donald & Helen Roman Cecil Calvert
Vic & Mary Engel Cecil Calvert
Richard Harrison Charles (Chuck) Keifer
Barbara Dolan Clifford Parker
D. Frederick & Esther Wascher Dean Palmer
Lori Strimple Dorothy Burd
Esther & Erin Cohick Dorothy Burd
Yvonne Kaiser Dorothy Burd
John and Christine Engel Doug Musheno
Cindy Helminiak Douglas Dusza
Kaetlyn Hermann Douglas Dusza
Duane/Mary Anne Seitz Douglas Dusza
Anne Lasinsky Douglas Dusza
Sandi Graham Douglas Dusza
Jude and Chelsea Keenan Douglas Dusza
P & N Coal Company, Inc. Douglas Dusza
Al & Buster Boyer Douglas Dusza
Kathryn Packer Douglas Dusza
Santha Haas Douglas Dusza
John Helminiak Douglas Dusza
Donna & James Sortman Douglas Dusza
Marvin & Deborah Mann Douglas Dusza
Donna Wiley Douglas Dusza
Terry Ritter Douglas Dusza
Dennis & Deborah Leonard, Linda Bierly, Nancy Banfill, Peggy Justice, & Roberta Gardner-Dwyer Douglas Dusza
John & Marilyn Incitti Dr. David Heyman, Stella, Hunter & Reggie, and Paolo & Pebble
Mary Lou Nelson Duffy
Ron & Patricia Walko Dusty Fioretti
Stephanie Coburn Dusty Fioretti
Faculty Dusty Fioretti
Dale & Kimberly Yale Dusty Fioretti
Rose M. Newcomer Dusty Fioretti
Dennis & Jill Harmon G. Fred Wesner
William & Nancy Pfeiffer George Camp
Tracey & Jay Martinez J. Patrick Hartle
Louise Sheehan James Applegate
Harold & Gloria Coppinger Lawrence Melley
Teacher’s Association Martin Marshall
Dolores Harman Martin Marshall
Cherene & Rick Wurster Martin Marshall
Christy & David Lassiter Martin Marshall
Julie Dobson Mary Martin
Paul & Georgie Ulrich Michael Day & Fernando Casillas Wedding
Sherie and Rick Boyer Michael Shultz
Dennis Gruver Nancy Gruver
Joseph & Anne Raniero Pat McKernan
Elizabeth Redmond Patrick
Susan Redmond Patrick Redmond
Patricia Heisley Raymond Winner
John & Marilyn Incitti Richard Reichert
Stan & Karen Cizewski Robert Henry
Karen & Bruce Harris Robert Kropp
Butch/Carolyn Musheno Robert Kropp
Donald & Virginia Zeigler Robert Kropp
John Czap, DDS Robert Kropp
Christine Dell Robert Kropp
Joseph & Jacqueline Hamm Robert Kropp
Stephen Durkee Romeo Fagnano
Jamie Fry Romeo Fagnano
Susan McCusker Romeo Fagnano
Stephanie Jackson Romeo Fagnano
Linda Peterman Ronald Peterman
Terry Ritter Rush
Stephen Lilley Ruth Hinds
Sandra Myers Shadow (cat)
George Safrine Shirley Bull
Rhona Riggle Sonya Heck
Jae Mary Ninosky Tom Weakland
Thomas & Denise Davidson Tom Weakland
Carol Masteller Fitzy

Donor In Honor Of
Karen, Al & Jill Marlett Abby Lynn
Rita Rush Bruce Jackson
Eric Feerrar Cheryl Raymond’s Retirement
Our Lady of Peace Residence Curly
Riley Shipman Kendall Kelley’s Birthday
Susan Hock Myer’s Wedding
David & Paula Shimmel Myer’s Wedding
Thomas & Laura Olsen Myer’s Wedding
Maria Wilson Myer’s Wedding
Emily Wilson-Hauger Myer’s Wedding
Raymond & Karen Wilson Myer’s Wedding
Rebecca Nagel Paolo and Pebbles
Jane Scheffey Paulo
Bill & Sue Bowen Sandon Karinsky
Karen Richards Skip Cochran
Peggy Ritter Terry Ritter
From 4/18/19-8/31/19

Donations to the SPCA may be made in honor or in memory of a loved one, pet or human. In fact, many of our donations come through with one of these designations. *We strive for accuracy and would like to know if we missed your donation. Please contact Jamie Caputo for any corrections at or by calling 570-322-4646.

Donations made In Honor Of and In Memory Of to the Healthy Homeless Pets Drive were on display at the SPCA and are not published here.

Donor In Memory Of
Marshall, Parker & Weber, LLC Yvonne Chandler
Suzanne Bowers Wanda Hawk
Debra Barker Tim Jones
Wirerope Works, Inc. Tim Jones
Catherine & Robert Campbell Tim Jones
Friends at Susquehanna Urologic Tim Jones
Linda Sheets Theresa Serzinski
Donna Zimmerman Theresa Serzinski
Theda Riden Shirley Bull
Brian Saranovitz Shirley Bull
Catha Hall Shirley Bull
Gerald Bussom Sandy Bussom
The Williamsport Home Ruth Litzelfelner
Melvin Kauffman Rose Devito
Tim & Karin Finn Rose Devito
Bruce & Barbara Cameron Rose Devito
Betty Winner Rose Devito
Terri Dahlgren Rose Devito
Englert Family Rose Devito
Thomas & Melissa Baier Rose Devito
Vita Manno Rose Devito
Mary Steinhilpher Robert Barrow
Wally & Cindy Helt Reba Jacobs
Lori Mahaffey Ray Mahaffey
Pam & Greg Yaple Peggy Guerrisky
Mary Jo Trout Patti Albin
Sharon Clemens Patricia Vincent
Karen Womelsdorf Patricia Vincent
Kathryn Hassler Patricia Vincent
Christine Woodley Patricia Vincent
Vic & Mary Engel Patricia Vincent
Doris Smith Patricia Vincent
Donna Smeak Monica Lutz
Jeffrey Palkovic Mary Tokarz
Joseph & Kathleen Wertz Mary Miele
Diane Dooris Marcia Johnson
McTish-Kunkel & Associates Marcia Johnson
David HEYL Marcia Johnson
Terry & Sharon Knittle Marcia Johnson
Velma Mecone Marcia Johnson
The Duke Street Gang Marcia Johnson
Miriam Johns Leslie Casselberry
Kristen Richer Lawrence Melley
Larry Harris, II Larry Harris
Ben & Andrea Skrobacs Kenneth Keller
William & Jean Dalton Kenneth Rathmell
Terry Pickles Kenneth Rathmell
Marcy Douty Kenneth Rathmell
Keith & Linda Walters Kenneth Rathmell
Shirley & Stanley Glidewell Kenneth Rathmell
Council 44, Air Line Pilots Association Kenneth Rathmell
Joseph Geiser Kelly Sue Klein
Big Foot Crossing Kelly Sue Klein
Deborah A. Williams Kelly Sue Klein
David & Barbara Giarratano Kelly Sue Klein
Melissa Westall Kelly Sue Klein
Greg Smith Kelly Sue Klein
Thomas & Amy Loftus Kelly Sue Klein
Bill & Kathy Adams Kelly Sue Klein
Mildred & Frances Snyder Kelly Sue Klein
Linda Weis Kelly Sue Klein
JoAnne Klein Kelly Sue Klein
Marion & Nancy Klein Kelly Sue Klein
Daniel & Lucinda Flook Kelly Fitzgerald
Susan Logue Kelly Fitzgerald
Sandra Rostkowski Kelly Fitzgerald
Pamela Howlett Kelly Fitzgerald
Gary & Karen Fischer Kelly Fitzgerald
Judy Hakes Kelly Fitzgerald
Frances & Charles Epright Kelly Fitzgerald
Brenda King Kara Herr
Michael & Jill Fullerton Kara Herr
Robert & Linda Crockett Judy Sarett
Jess & Josh Chance/Humer Joseph Chance
Marie Chance Joseph Chance
Diane Billig John Whiting
Ann Hagenbuch John Whiting
Jim & Patty Cozzi John Whiting
Linda McCloskey John Whiting
Susan & Terry Girdon John Whiting
Sylvia Sabatini John Whiting
Colleagues of Ms. Denise W. Shope John Whiting
Faye Sheppard John Whiting
Steven Engled John Whiting
Sylvia & Ginger McCarty John Whiting
Mrs. Jose Ameigh Jean Tinney
James Bodnar Jean Tinney
Jim & Patty Cozzi Jean Tinney
Stephen & Gina Gilbert Jean Tinney
Donald & Theresa Hill Jean Tinney
Alicia Wright Jean Tinney
Bruce & Janet Hurlbert Hugh Mowery
Mary Turner Harriet Bernier
Lois Maiolo Harriet Bernier
Les & Ann Yeagle Harriet Bernier
The Williamsport Home Harriet Bernier
Kristina Bernier Harriet Bernier
Keyway Lock Service Harriet Bernier
Robin Webb Greta MacPhail
Doris Eisemann G. Richard Wible
Mary Wolfe G. Richard Wible
Loretta Fredin Eva Clare LaCerra Moser
Bonnie Jamieson Eva Clare LaCerra Moser
The Williamsport Home Ervene Vitacolonna
Robert Putnam Elizabeth Zerbe “Ann” Gehr
Hallee & Michael McGlaughlin Elizabeth Zerbe “Ann” Gehr
Robert & Diane Lorson Elizabeth Zerbe “Ann” Gehr
Dave & Ann Zerbe Elizabeth Zerbe “Ann” Gehr
Roy & Anna Zerbe Elizabeth Zerbe “Ann” Gehr
Denise Angevine Elizabeth Zerbe “Ann” Gehr
Charlene Young & Eddie Andreasson Elizabeth Kilheeney
Patricia Heisley Eleanor Gehr
Bruce & Angelyn Boncal Ed Suponcic
Karen Bauer Donna Beaver
Ronald Kirby Dean Palmer
Jay & Ann McCormick Dean Palmer
William Holland Dean Palmer
Marvin Staiman Dean Palmer
Fred Kinsey Dean Palmer
Dewane Stuck Dean Palmer
Ralph & Jan Hughey Dean Palmer
Jay & Deb Kilheeney Dean Palmer
Jodi Puller Dean Palmer
Henry & Eleanor Perciballi Dean Palmer
Jo & Richard Langer David Ault
Lori Strimple David Ault
Constance Swarthout Cheryl Lockard
The Brion Family Cheryl Lockard
Phoenix Data, Inc. Cheryl Lockard
Dolores Calhoun Cheryl Lockard
Joyce Simpson Cheryl Lockard
John Archambault Charles (Chuck) Keifer
Connie McMichael Charles (Chuck) Keifer
Richard & June Wetzel Charles (Chuck) Keifer
David & Mary Lou Walters Charles (Chuck) Keifer
John Czap, DDS Charles (Chuck) Keifer
Steve Johnson Charles (Chuck) Keifer
Gary & Veronica Keller Charles (Chuck) Keifer
Charles & Gloria Greevy Charles (Chuck) Keifer
John Rich Cecil Calvert
Dorothy Noll Cecil Calvert
John & Rosa Beattie Bradley Woolever
Julie Dobson Bradley Woolever
Alvin Decanio Bonnie Steiger
Michael & Violet Allain Bob Olmstead
Truck-Lite Co., LLC Beverly Proctor
George Slocum Anthony Matteo
Daniel Rafferty Anthony Grabowski
Julie Dobson Anna Poukish
Anonymous Anonymous Anna Poukish
Amy Townsend Adalee Garzynski
Helen Townsend Adalee Garzynski
Julia Barger Zoom Zoom
Felicia Schumacher Wrangler
Marissa Egly The Egly Wedding
Brooke Guinter Taggerty & MacGwire
Al Decanio Sam and Chelsea (Schnauzers)
Patricia Solley Richard Wible
Matthew Hutchinson Paolo
Mary Turner Muffin, Pather,Tarar
Bernie & Charles Kuhns Miss Daisy
Walter Levan Matthew LeVan
Sarah LaFond Marian Reem
Michael & Natalie Bonislawski Madelyn
Anne Marie Bolie Kamuri
Carol St. Clair James St. Clair
Bill & Mary Kelly Helen Watson
Shirley Hoover Harlay
Michael & Diann Leece Giacomo
Santha Haas every animal at the SPCA
Nicola Manning Eli Mcnett
Beverly Van Ess Dr. Robert G. Little, Sr.
Wade Barren Cornellius and Pumperknickel Barren
Sandra Chloe
A.J. & Jean Byrne Chaz Byrne
Donald Miller Buddy & Duffy
Albert Styrcula Brian Gibbons
Shirley Newcomer Bill Newcomer
William McGinley Anna Easton
Steve & Cathy Houseknecht Alex, Jake, Sadie, & Brody


Donor In Honor Of
Ashley & Jim Twigg June Anderson’s 93rd Birthday
Bill & Sue Bowen Parker Karinsky’s Birthday
Victoria Stryker Lester & Anne Yeagle’s Anniversary
Karen Rush Sophie
Terry & Susan Girdon Sparkle
Karen Kisberg Lorraine Manos- Birthday
Matthew Hutchinson Maggie
Scott & Jill Taggart Sana Jane
Ken & Beverly Ellis Lynne Ellis-62nd Birthday
From 2/1/19 - 4/17/19

Donations to the SPCA may be made in honor or in memory of a loved one, pet or human. In fact, many of our donations come through with one of these designations. *We strive for accuracy and would like to know if we missed your donation. Please contact Patricia Barclay for any corrections at or by calling 570-322-4646.

Name In Honor/In Memory Of
Susan & William Bowen IHO Hannah Moleski – Happy Birthday
Ginny & Joe English IHO Izzy, a wonderful dog
Robert Alexander IHO Kathryn Schluter
Terry & Susan Girdon IHO Lynn Hudak – Happy Birthday
Marilyn & Charles Grove IHO Our Anniversary
Keith Savage IHO Peyton Kelley
Bruce Jackson IHO Rita Rush’s Birthday
Delores Eiswerth IHO Sara Coolidge
United Educators IHO Shanin Dougherty
Erin Shultz IHO Smokey
Linda & John Lundy IMO “Sweet” Dakota
Beverly & William McCauley IMO Abby
Judy & Len Visgaitis IMO Alberta Yergal
Vicki & David Chesney IMO Anthony L. DiSalvo
Kay Barkley IMO Anthony L. DiSalvo
Brian & Gale Healy IMO Anthony L. Disalvo
Nelson & Nancy Smith IMO Ashley Cupp
John & Lorraine Smith IMO Ashley Cupp
Gary D. Smith IMO Ashley Cupp
Linda & Donald Sheets IMO Bethany Hughes
Gail Schaeffer IMO Bonnie Jean Steiger
Judy Kuntz IMO Bonnie Jean Steiger
Alvin Decanio IMO Bonnie Jean Steiger
Williamsport Country Club IMO Carolyn Hume
Mary & Kevin Bellizia-Way IMO Carolyn Hume
Anne Carol Wood IMO Carolyn Hume
Linda Updegraff IMO Chance, loved by Dick & Sandy Lakey
Gail & John Greninger IMO Chloe, Tigger & Lola
Linda Updegraff IMO Cissy, loved by Kim & Scott Ciprianni
Duane Ulmer IMO Connie Ulmer
Barbara Feigles IMO Connie Ulmer
Tipson Myers IMO Darlyn N. Knauff
Connie O’Donnell IMO Darlyn N. Knauff
Thomas & Janice Thaler IMO Darlyn N. Knauff
Robert Engel IMO Darlyn N. Knauff
Robert Engel IMO Darlyn N. Knauff
Carolyn Park IMO Darlyn N. Knauff
Cheryl Dugan IMO Darlyn N. Knauff
Joe-Terri-Cassandra-Carissa-Melissa Flook IMO Deanna M. Flook
Chris & Kurt – Nicholas & Anthony Caruso IMO Deanna M. Flook
Mom IMO Deanna M. Flook
Donald Miller IMO Duffey, Abby, Callie & Coco
Jose Ameigh IMO Father & Mother
Sharon Winkleman IMO Frank Levengood
Tricia Keener IMO G. Richard Wible
Elva M. Fritz IMO G. Richard Wible
Karen Mills IMO George E. Maurer
William Castle IMO Gregory Snyder
Roche Financial IMO Gregory Snyder
M. Jane Buttorff IMO Gregory Snyder
Jennifer Welliver IMO Gregory Snyder
Ed, Margaret & Emily Hannan IMO Hannah (dog)
Bill & Mary Kelly IMO Helen Watson
Dennis & Becky Dewald IMO Ivan
Dan and Sue Hartranft IMO Jack
Beverly & Kenneth Ellis IMO Jane Shaffer
Beverly & Ken Ellis IMO Jane Shaffer
William & Laverta Fritz IMO Joan Yost
Ned & Carol Young IMO Joan Yost
Barbara DeCoursey IMO Joan Yost
Billtown Mechanical Corporation IMO John Kisinger
Customers, Co-workers & Friends IMO John Kisinger
Jess & Josh Chance/Humer IMO Joseph Chance
Anh Lyons IMO Joseph Chance
Thomas & June Nenstiel IMO June N. Bones
James & Nancy Zellers IMO June N. Bones
FOP Lodge 29 IMO June N. Bones
James & Donna Sortman IMO June N. Bones
Christine & David Nau IMO June N. Bones
Robert & Christine Kindon IMO June N. Bones
Salvadore Bones IMO June N. Bones
Janice & Albert Defrancisco IMO June N. Bones
Dorothy Bennett IMO June N. Bones
Thomas & Patricia Farrell IMO June N. Bones
Thomas Secules IMO June N. Bones
Lance & Carol Knelly IMO June N. Bones
The Heltman Family IMO June N. Bones
Suzy Sweitzer IMO Kay Plankenhorn
Sarah Berry IMO Keith Leonardo
Perry & Cindy Reed IMO Larry E. Harris
Rose M Newcomer IMO Larry E. Harris
Christina Wasson IMO Larry E. Harris
Delores & Dick Clayton and Family IMO Larry E. Harris
Wendell Bower IMO Larry E. Harris
Doris Bower IMO Larry E. Harris
Wolf Run Village IMO Larry E. Harris
Barbara Herbst IMO Larry E. Harris
Anonymous IMO Larry E. Harris
Marvin & Debra Hurwitz IMO Leslie Casselberry
Sharon Guthrie IMO Leslie Casselberry
Clifton Hungerford IMO Lois Hungerford
Edwin and Merlene Young IMO Lucy, Beautiful dog of Ruth & Phil King
Harry S. Trump IMO Marie Trump
Lisa & Rocky Hollenbach IMO Mary Lou Archambault
Scott Youngman & Family IMO Mary Lou Archambault
Sam (III) Youngman & Family IMO Mary Lou Archambault
Linda Youngman Evans & Family IMO Mary Lou Archambault
Sharon Salvatori IMO Mary Lou Archambault
Watsontown H.S. Class of 1957 IMO Mary Lou Archambault
Elsa & Frank Mataro IMO Mary Lou Archambault
Dolores & Patricia Hafer IMO Mary Lou Archambault
Philip Zechman IMO Mary Lou Archambault
Charles “Skip” and Gloria Greevy IMO Mary Lou Archambault
Elaine & Keith Harvey IMO Mary Lou Archambault
Jennifer Horn & Family IMO Mary Lou Archambault
The Williamsport Home IMO Mary Lou Archambault
Lauren Fabian IMO Mary Lou Archambault
Richard L. Maxwell IMO Mary Lou Archambault
June Mull IMO Mary Lou Archambault
Howdy & Janet Frantz IMO Mary Lou Archambault
Pat Bole IMO Mary Pellacore
Elaine Heffner IMO Maurice Carnuccio
George & Judy Thomas IMO Michael C. Dapp
James & Saline Bischof IMO Michael C. Dapp
John Richards IMO Michael C. Dapp
William & Carol McElroy IMO Michael C. Dapp
Linda & Ned Neupauer II IMO Michael C. Dapp
James & Saline Bischof IMO Michael C. Dapp
Linda & Ned Neupauer IMO Michael C. Dapp
William & Carol McElroy IMO Michael C. Dapp
Patrick & Elizabeth McKay IMO Michael C. Dapp
Howard Zendle IMO Michael C. Dapp
Mark Mann IMO Monica Mann
Jessica Marzo IMO Mosley
Larry Harris, II IMO My Father, Larry E. Harris
William Charles IMO Nancy Ann Charles
Bob & Jane Pierce IMO Ned Coates
Gale Workman IMO Nestle Choc Lab
John & Kim Hufnagel IMO Nissa Myers
Jane & John Matter IMO Oliver (dog)
Linda Peterman IMO our pets Noodles, Lucas and Sammy
Ken & Lisa Statts IMO Paul McCoy
Bryan Dunlop IMO Raymond & Roxie
Cheryl Zellers IMO Razen
Red Run Rod & Gun Club IMO Rich Roan
Charles & Betty Dixon IMO Robert Olmstead
J. Cecil Gray IMO Robert Olmstead
William & Constance Foresman IMO Robert Olmstead
Edward & Margaret Hannan IMO Robert Olmstead
James & Donna Sortman IMO Scott Hope
Aunt Peggy & Family IMO Scott Hope
Larry & Barbara Gray IMO Scruffy
Linda Stein IMO Shirley Stewart Hoffman
Christine Mills IMO Stephen Stine
Jeffrey & Holly Young IMO Susan Hall English
Betty Hall IMO Susan Hall English
Lois Yoder IMO Susan Hall English
Joan Early & Carol Leathers IMO Susan Hall English
Pat Schnars & Dorothy Dincher IMO Susan Hall English
Beth Cillo IMO Susan Hall English
Brooke Guinter IMO Taggerty & MacGwire
Julia Barger IMO Zoom Zoom
Wendy Steinbacher In Chica’s name
Christina Nyari Our Adopted boy – Rudy!
From 10/13/18 - 1/31/19

Donations to the SPCA may be made in honor or in memory of a loved one, pet or human. In fact, many of our donations come through with one of these designations. *We strive for accuracy and would like to know if we missed your donation. Please contact Patricia Barclay for any corrections at or by calling 570-322-4646.

Name   In Honor/In Memory Of
Kathy Hulsizer   Clarice & Zoe – cats
Sue & Bill Bowen   For Christmas for Parker Karinsky
Sue & Bill Bowen   For Christmas for Sandon Karinsky
Carole Diane Bastian   Harry W. Boyer
Linda Hager   IHO Aaron Hager
Brenda Nestor   IHO Adalynn Lilley for Christmas
Barbie Menard   IHO Amanda Lee Eck
R & R McCloskey   IHO Amy Clementz
Lorraine & Bill Manos   IHO Barbara Lytle & LIbby
Bruce & Karen Harris   IHO Barkley
Glenda Stroud   IHO Becky Lewis
Glenda Stroud   IHO Becky Lewis Birthday
Amy Bryan   IHO Beefy
Susan Ravert   IHO Beth Lazorka
InPatient Behavior Health Staff   IHO Bob Mayshock’s retirement
Debra Barren   IHO Cornelius & Biscuit Barren – two rescue kitties
Leonard & Judy Visgaitis   IHO Dan Bubnis & Tim Legg
George Cohen   IHO Dick Dewald’s 85th Birthday
Heathers Brothers Sisters/Mothers in-laws   IHO Don Alexander
Entech Engineering   IHO Eric Moore & Steve Benner
Marilyn & John Incitti   IHO Executive Director, Staff, Volunteers, and animal lovers
Marilee & Philip Sholtis   IHO For Toby
Arlene Plocinski   IHO James Twigg’s Birthday
Lois & Claude Williams   IHO Janet Hurlbert
Joanne Ameigh   IHO Joanie VanAllen for the Holiday
Sinclair Nancy   IHO Lulu
Mountain Girl Treasures   IHO Madaket Saner and Nicholas Lovcik
Lauren Harrison   IHO Mildred Feist
Gloria & Bob Stere   IHO Odie’s (Finn) adoption
Lauren Fabian   IHO Pamela Nolan
Lori Wingrove   IHO Poogan – Best dog ever.
Linda M Miller   IHO Robyn
Randy & JoAnn Welch   IHO Robyn & Todd Woodling
Rachel Duncan   IHO Sabbath
Stanley Eck   IHO Scott Caverly
Elizabeth & Richard Schluter   IHO Shawn McMonigle
Randy & Lisa Kiser   IHO Smidge & Smudge – two newest kittens
Peggy Ritter   IHO Terry Ritter
Wade Lamper   IHO Tessa Lamper & Jed Lamper
James & Jane Blaker   IMO “Bibbys” The Cat
Wolf Run Village   IMO “Our beloved residents who have recently passed”
Donald Miller   IMO Abbey (Cat)
Robert & Mary Rodgers   IMO Alberta Preston
Vicki & David Chesney   IMO Ann Marie Wood
Elmer & Angela Foltz   IMO Ann Marie Wood
Jacob, Courtney, Averie & Jayson Jones   IMO Ann Marie Wood
Tanya Reeder   IMO Arlo
Gloria & Howard Henne   IMO Bailey
Patricia Myers   IMO Bailey, Kit-Kat
Jean & Robert Burchell   IMO Baldy the Beagle
Pam Curry & Wanda Bingaman   IMO Barry Baker
Jeff & Betty Reigel   IMO Barry Baker
Mama Mary Reigel   IMO Barry Baker
Millie Gray   IMO Belle
Marlene Kibler   IMO Bernard W. Kibler given by wife & Family
Linda Sheets   IMO Bethany Hughes
Scott Seyler   IMO Bill Nichols
Ginny & Joe English   IMO Blizzy
Edward & Ann Kaye   IMO Brandy
Susan McDonnell   IMO Budweiser, Gauge & Bogey
Pat & Mike Dunlap   IMO Butch, Mitzi (dogs) & Jake Jeeter’s Cats
Krista Storm   IMO Capone
Lori Lyons   IMO Capone (dog)
Julie Stackhouse   IMO Capone (dog)
Anne Landon   IMO Capone (dog)
Lisa Mondell   IMO Capone (dog)
Stephanie Lovell   IMO Capone (dog)
Allison Holladay   IMO Capone (dog)
Norma Miller   IMO Catherine Bresnak
Sandra Lentz   IMO Chase & Sage
Thomas & Veronica Weakland   IMO Chuck & Bob Weakland
Devon C Grafius   IMO Dakota
Devon C Grafius   IMO Dakota
Kelly Masteller   IMO Danger (dog)
Thomas & June Zimmerman   IMO Danielle Stryker
Joe-Terri-Cassandra-Carissa-Melissa Flook   IMO Deanna Flook
Chris & Kurt – Nicholas & Anthony Caruso   IMO Deanna Flook
Mom   IMO Deanna Flook
Walter & Cynthia Helt   IMO Dick Spencer
L3 Communications Electron   IMO Donald Alexander
Cynthia & Donald Derr   IMO Donna Beaver
Geraldine Moss   IMO Donna Beaver
Karen Bauer & Geraldine Moss   IMO Donna Beaver
Maria Mines   IMO Donna O’Connor
Wanda Howey   IMO Doris York
Helen Moore   IMO Dr. L.T. Moore
Gloria & Bob Stere   IMO Duff 2
Mary Lou Nelson   IMO Duffy
Minaxi P. Mankad   IMO Duke
Minaxi P. Mankad   IMO Duke
Jose Ameigh   IMO DW Ameigh
Lorrie Morton   IMO Edith Aikey
Luann Haney   IMO Edna C. Martz
The Williamsport Home   IMO Edna Martz
Maria Mines   IMO Elma Mines
Stephen & Debra Schall   IMO Emily McKee
Friends At Brodart Co.   IMO Emily McKee
Robert & Carol Pursell   IMO Eugene “Gene” Barnes
Gregory Stiger   IMO Eugene Barnes
Steven & Sandra Barnes   IMO Eugene Barnes
Glenda Stroud   IMO Eugene Barnes
Sam Root   IMO Eugene Barnes
David & Shirley Lloyd   IMO Eugene Barnes
Virginia Harrison   IMO Eugene Barnes
Carole Diane Bastian   IMO Fay Bastian
Primus Technologies   IMO Francis Hagemeyer
Frederick & Joyce Barnes   IMO George Calta
Lisa Naso   IMO George Calta
Karen Mills   IMO George Maurer
James & Nancy Zellers   IMO H. James Zellers
Kevin & Angela Early   IMO Harriet Jordan
The Dept of Public Safety   IMO Harriet P. Jordan
9-1-1 Center, EMA, EMS & HazMat   IMO Harriet P. Jordan
Carol Lamparter   IMO In Loving Memory of Emma
Wolfgang & Judy Rast   IMO Ivy, beloved dog of Rhonda Slaten
Opp & Linderman Families   IMO Jaeger, Steve’s faithful friend and loving companion
Marlene Gaskins   IMO Jane Bozyk
Ann Bastoky   IMO Jane Bozyk
Gay DiMarco   IMO Janet Cunningham
Roman DiMarco   IMO Janet Cunningham
Linda & Sandy Kleinman   IMO Janet Nicoll
James & Nancy Zellers   IMO Jill, Zeena, Lexzee and Zack (dogs)
James Cummings   IMO Joey
Brunhilde Phillips   IMO Jonathon G. Phillips
Patrick & Stephanie Jackson   IMO Judith Jackson
Nancy & Robert Bowers   IMO Judith Jackson
David Miller   IMO Judy Jackson
Neil & Linda Dunkle   IMO Judy Jackson
Charles & Susan Bacher   IMO Katie
Carol Masteller   IMO Kelly’s Lab, Danger
Truck-Lite Co Inc   IMO Kimberly Ilene Law
Daniel & Susan Hartranft   IMO Layla
Barbara Cameron   IMO Les Casselberry
Montefiore Engineering Department   IMO Les Casselberry
Eddie & Vickie Manifold   IMO Leslie Casselberry
Grieco Susan   IMO Leslie Casselberry
Del Val Brittany Club   IMO Leslie Casselberry
Lora Spencer   IMO Libbey Houseknecht
Sharon Ohnmeiss   IMO Libby Houseknecht
Margaret Bryan   IMO Libby Houseknecht
FOP Lodge 29   IMO Libby Houseknecht
Steve & Terri Watkins   IMO Libby Houseknecht
Veronica & John Jones, Jr.   IMO Margaret “Meg’ Eileen Finn
Northcentral Dialysis Clinic Staff   IMO Margaret “Meg” Finn
Lori Mahaffey   IMO Margaret “Meg” Finn
Thomas A Rakowski   IMO Margaret Finn
Carole Diane Bastian   IMO Margery Yearick
Ryann Schultz   IMO Mark Schultz
Timothy & Karin Finn   IMO Mary Boatman
Lester & Ann Yeagle   IMO Mary Boatman
Raylene Hennip, Donna Blumenfeld   IMO Mary Boatman
Barbara Tosi, Myra Holloway and Families   IMO Mary Boatman
Kathy & Robert Bryan   IMO Mary Boatman
Sherry & Kathy   IMO Mary Boatman
Betty Winner   IMO Mary H. Boatman
Walter & Cynthia Helt   IMO Mary Mangano
Bernice & Gary Madden   IMO Maurice L. Carnuccio
Robert & Linda Crockett   IMO Meg Finn
Christy & David Lassiter   IMO Meg Finn
James Huebert   IMO Meg Finn
Ann & Jim Pysher   IMO Meg Finn
William Castle   IMO Meg Finn
Dorothy Maples   IMO Meg Finn
James & Donna Sortman   IMO Meg Finn
Sarmite & William Judson   IMO Meg Finn
Austin Sipes   IMO Meg Finn
Alan Wilcox   IMO Meg Finn
Mara & Chet Amedia   IMO Meg Finn
Deborah Wagner   IMO Meg Finn
Ronald & Jeanne DeFeo   IMO Meg Finn
Kathryn Nassberg   IMO Meg Finn
Valerie Whyman   IMO Meg Finn
Diana & Norman McCarty   IMO Meg Finn
Daniel & Martha Gandy   IMO Meg Finn
Shirley Lambert & Deborah Johnson   IMO Meg Finn
Margrit Shoemaker   IMO Meg Finn
Mary Gibbs Smith   IMO Meg Finn
John & Jean Burks   IMO Meg Finn
Warren & Mary Lou Baldys   IMO Meg Finn
Samuel & Sandra Schrack   IMO Meg Finn
James & Cynthia Furey   IMO Meg Finn
LIsa Kerber   IMO Meg Finn
Wesley Brown   IMO Meg Finn
Ms. Jeri Demel   IMO Meg Finn
Christine Kavanagh   IMO Meg Finn
John & Carol Wagner   IMO Meg Finn
Charles “Skip” and Gloria Greevy   IMO Meg Finn
Corrie Roadarmel   IMO Michael Welch
Charles & Bernice Kuhns   IMO Miss Daisy
Donald & Patricia Houck   IMO Misty & Mandy our beloved dogs
Leary & Sandra Platt   IMO Muffin & Shania
Linda Stein   IMO My Leo, the Cat
Diane Miller   IMO Nicky, Vicki, Salem, Morgan, Muffet, Angel
Kim, JT, Jacob and Ben Hufnagel   IMO Nissa Myers
Frank Shinko   IMO Obbie Shinko
McTish-Kunkel   IMO Oscar E. Kilgus
Lee & Lynne Trefsger   IMO Our Beloved Dog Fluffy
Raymond & Judith Spinzia   IMO our beloved Dundee
Jerry & Georgia Stauffer   IMO our beloved pets Peppermint Pattie, Angel,Rebel, Maxie
Cheryl Zellers   IMO our dog, Penny
Patricia Boyles   IMO Our precious pets Solo, Geminese, Julz, Friski, Louise, Sissi, Buddy & Laddie
Jody L. Muthler   IMO Paddy Mcfadden
Jody L. Muthler   IMO Paddy McFadden
Jewel LaBelle   IMO Paleeta
Daniel White   IMO Pat Hartle
Christine Woodley   IMO Pat McKernan
Dr. Sam Hoff & Phyllis Oliveto-Hoff   IMO Pat McKernan
Sinclair Nancy   IMO Patches,Trouble, & Buster
Lisa Hartman   IMO Patricia G. McKernan
Barbara Johnstone & Susannah Howard   IMO Patricia McKernan
Harold & Ellen Spooner   IMO Patricia McKernan
Thomas & Marsha Person   IMO Patricia McKernan
The Park Home, Inc.   IMO Patricia McKernan
Nancy Stearns   IMO Patricia McKernan
Joyce & Harold Hershberger   IMO Patricia McKernan
Ruth Rees   IMO Patricia McKernan
Michael Maiolo   IMO Patricia McKernan
Mary Brophy   IMO Patrick Flanagan
Doris L Smith   IMO Penny, my dear dog
Janice Osborne   IMO Pierre, Vic & Bill
Ray & Catherine Douglas   IMO Radar
Deb & Steve Schall   IMO Ramen
Sandra Kramer   IMO Raymond Venema
Patricia Heisley   IMO Raymond Winner
Aunt Joan & Cousin Beth   IMO Richard Klopp
Sharon Guthrie   IMO Riot Mullins
Thelma White   IMO Robert Olmstead
Muncy Presbyterian Church   IMO Robert Olmstead
Byron & Suzanne Heller   IMO Robert Olmstead
Tim Leonard Rod & Gun Club   IMO Robert Olmstead
Linda Stein   IMO Robert Olmstead
Philip & Sue Hutchinson   IMO Robert Olmstead
William & Linda Poulton   IMO Robert Olmstead
Susan Pfeiffer   IMO Robert Olmstead
Kris & Steve Kistler   IMO Robert Olmstead
Letty Gray   IMO Robert Olmstead
Book Lovers Delight Club   IMO Robert Olmstead
Donald & Brenda Larson   IMO Ron Coleman
Young Mens Republican Club   IMO Ron Coleman
Dawn Kehrer   IMO Ronald Coleman
Robert & Charlotte Wahler   IMO Ronald Coleman
Julius & Marie Franquet   IMO Ronald Coleman
Curtis & Linda Raap   IMO Ronald Coleman
William & Teresa Galligan   IMO Ronald Coleman
Newberry Lions Club   IMO Ronald Coleman
Brenda & Chris Johns   IMO Ronald Coleman
Mary Bellizia-Way & Kevin Way   IMO Samantha Way
Linda Rose   IMO Scott White
Vivian Siegel & Son Dave   IMO Sharon Weisensale
L3 Communications Electron   IMO Shirley Andrews on behalf of Heath Reese
Deborah Myers   IMO Shirley Doebler
Karen Holmes   IMO Skye
Walter & Cynthia Helt   IMO Smidgen
Daniel & Susan Hartranft   IMO Sophie
Gil & Ruth Snyder   IMO Stephen M. Stine
Mike & Jana Mussina   IMO Stephen Stine
Elizabeth & Charles Lomas   IMO Steve StIne
Lycoming Supply, Inc.   IMO Steve Stine
I.U.O.E. Local 542   IMO Steve Stine
The neighbors: Matt, Linda, & Randy, Mick & Bea, Gary & Cindy, & Mrs Kurtz   IMO Steve Stine
Jacqueline Kinney   IMO Susan Southard & Donna O’Connor
Gerald Mitcheltree Jr.   IMO Tango & Lilly
Gerald & Bonnie Mitcheltree   IMO Tango, Lilly
Yvonne Kaiser   IMO Tanya Beck
Mary Jane Turner   IMO Tara, Panther, Tabby, Peaches & Muffin
Muncy Bank & Trust   IMO Teresa A. Oakes
Meghan Nines   IMO Toby
Wade Lamper   IMO Tucker
Glenda Stroud   IMO Upde
Harry Goodwin   IMO Verna Goodwin
Trudy Shively   IMO Vernon “Buck” Mast
Ruth Keller   IMO Vernon Mast
Jeannine Kennedy   IMO Vernon Mast
Nancy L Kellenstine   IMO Vernon Mast
Raymond Kehrer   IMO Vernon Mast
The Williamsport Home   IMO Vernon Mast
Linda Updegraff   IMO Violet Hrinya
Yu Chou & John Fulton   IMO Virginia Mull
Sandra Myers   IMO Virginia Mull
Pat Counsil   IMO Virginia Mull
Patrick & Trisha Marty   IMO William C. Nichols, Jr.
Harold & Patricia Karge   IMO William Nichols, Jr.
Linda M Miller   IMO William R. Miller, Jr.
Debbie Kern   IMO Winnie Charles Tompkins
M. Jane Buttorff   IMO Zeke
Trometter Family   IMO Zeus O’Connell
Julia Barger   IMO Zoom Zoom
Suzanne Berfield   on behalf of Sharon Manikowski
We are open by appointment. Please call 570-322-4646 for your appointment. We ask that you wear a mask when you come in. The SPCA is following CDC and PA Dept. of Health guidelines by limiting the number of people in the shelter, social distancing, and sanitation. We appreciate your cooperation.