In Memory/In Honor of Donations

From 10/13/18 – 1/31/19

Donations to the SPCA may be made in honor or in memory of a loved one, pet or human. In fact, many of our donations come through with one of these designations. *We strive for accuracy and would like to know if we missed your donation. Please contact Patricia Barclay for any corrections at or by calling 570-322-4646.



Name In Honor/In Memory Of
Kathy Hulsizer Clarice & Zoe – cats
Sue & Bill Bowen For Christmas for Parker Karinsky
Sue & Bill Bowen For Christmas for Sandon Karinsky
Carole Diane Bastian Harry W. Boyer
Linda Hager IHO Aaron Hager
Brenda Nestor IHO Adalynn Lilley for Christmas
Barbie Menard IHO Amanda Lee Eck
R & R McCloskey IHO Amy Clementz
Lorraine & Bill Manos IHO Barbara Lytle & LIbby
Bruce & Karen Harris IHO Barkley
Glenda Stroud IHO Becky Lewis
Glenda Stroud IHO Becky Lewis Birthday
Amy Bryan IHO Beefy
Susan Ravert IHO Beth Lazorka
InPatient Behavior Health Staff IHO Bob Mayshock’s retirement
Debra Barren IHO Cornelius & Biscuit Barren – two rescue kitties
Leonard & Judy Visgaitis IHO Dan Bubnis & Tim Legg
George Cohen IHO Dick Dewald’s 85th Birthday
Heathers Brothers Sisters/Mothers in-laws IHO Don Alexander
Entech Engineering IHO Eric Moore & Steve Benner
Marilyn & John Incitti IHO Executive Director, Staff, Volunteers, and animal lovers
Marilee & Philip Sholtis IHO For Toby
Arlene Plocinski IHO James Twigg’s Birthday
Lois & Claude Williams IHO Janet Hurlbert
Joanne Ameigh IHO Joanie VanAllen for the Holiday
Sinclair Nancy IHO Lulu
Mountain Girl Treasures IHO Madaket Saner and Nicholas Lovcik
Lauren Harrison IHO Mildred Feist
Gloria & Bob Stere IHO Odie’s (Finn) adoption
Lauren Fabian IHO Pamela Nolan
Lori Wingrove IHO Poogan – Best dog ever.
Linda M Miller IHO Robyn
Randy & JoAnn Welch IHO Robyn & Todd Woodling
Rachel Duncan IHO Sabbath
Stanley Eck IHO Scott Caverly
Elizabeth & Richard Schluter IHO Shawn McMonigle
Randy & Lisa Kiser IHO Smidge & Smudge – two newest kittens
Peggy Ritter IHO Terry Ritter
Wade Lamper IHO Tessa Lamper & Jed Lamper
James & Jane Blaker IMO “Bibbys” The Cat
Wolf Run Village IMO “Our beloved residents who have recently passed”
Donald Miller IMO Abbey (Cat)
Robert & Mary Rodgers IMO Alberta Preston
Vicki & David Chesney IMO Ann Marie Wood
Elmer & Angela Foltz IMO Ann Marie Wood
Jacob, Courtney, Averie & Jayson Jones IMO Ann Marie Wood
Tanya Reeder IMO Arlo
Gloria & Howard Henne IMO Bailey
Patricia Myers IMO Bailey, Kit-Kat
Jean & Robert Burchell IMO Baldy the Beagle
Pam Curry & Wanda Bingaman IMO Barry Baker
Jeff & Betty Reigel IMO Barry Baker
Mama Mary Reigel IMO Barry Baker
Millie Gray IMO Belle
Marlene Kibler IMO Bernard W. Kibler given by wife & Family
Linda Sheets IMO Bethany Hughes
Scott Seyler IMO Bill Nichols
Ginny & Joe English IMO Blizzy
Edward & Ann Kaye IMO Brandy
Susan McDonnell IMO Budweiser, Gauge & Bogey
Pat & Mike Dunlap IMO Butch, Mitzi (dogs) & Jake Jeeter’s Cats
Krista Storm IMO Capone
Lori Lyons IMO Capone (dog)
Julie Stackhouse IMO Capone (dog)
Anne Landon IMO Capone (dog)
Lisa Mondell IMO Capone (dog)
Stephanie Lovell IMO Capone (dog)
Allison Holladay IMO Capone (dog)
Norma Miller IMO Catherine Bresnak
Sandra Lentz IMO Chase & Sage
Thomas & Veronica Weakland IMO Chuck & Bob Weakland
Devon C Grafius IMO Dakota
Devon C Grafius IMO Dakota
Kelly Masteller IMO Danger (dog)
Thomas & June Zimmerman IMO Danielle Stryker
Joe-Terri-Cassandra-Carissa-Melissa Flook IMO Deanna Flook
Chris & Kurt – Nicholas & Anthony Caruso IMO Deanna Flook
Mom IMO Deanna Flook
Walter & Cynthia Helt IMO Dick Spencer
L3 Communications Electron IMO Donald Alexander
Cynthia & Donald Derr IMO Donna Beaver
Geraldine Moss IMO Donna Beaver
Karen Bauer & Geraldine Moss IMO Donna Beaver
Maria Mines IMO Donna O’Connor
Wanda Howey IMO Doris York
Helen Moore IMO Dr. L.T. Moore
Gloria & Bob Stere IMO Duff 2
Mary Lou Nelson IMO Duffy
Minaxi P. Mankad IMO Duke
Minaxi P. Mankad IMO Duke
Jose Ameigh IMO DW Ameigh
Lorrie Morton IMO Edith Aikey
Luann Haney IMO Edna C. Martz
The Williamsport Home IMO Edna Martz
Maria Mines IMO Elma Mines
Stephen & Debra Schall IMO Emily McKee
Friends At Brodart Co. IMO Emily McKee
Robert & Carol Pursell IMO Eugene “Gene” Barnes
Gregory Stiger IMO Eugene Barnes
Steven & Sandra Barnes IMO Eugene Barnes
Glenda Stroud IMO Eugene Barnes
Sam Root IMO Eugene Barnes
David & Shirley Lloyd IMO Eugene Barnes
Virginia Harrison IMO Eugene Barnes
Carole Diane Bastian IMO Fay Bastian
Primus Technologies IMO Francis Hagemeyer
Frederick & Joyce Barnes IMO George Calta
Lisa Naso IMO George Calta
Karen Mills IMO George Maurer
James & Nancy Zellers IMO H. James Zellers
Kevin & Angela Early IMO Harriet Jordan
The Dept of Public Safety IMO Harriet P. Jordan
9-1-1 Center, EMA, EMS & HazMat IMO Harriet P. Jordan
Carol Lamparter IMO In Loving Memory of Emma
Wolfgang & Judy Rast IMO Ivy, beloved dog of Rhonda Slaten
Opp & Linderman Families IMO Jaeger, Steve’s faithful friend and loving companion
Marlene Gaskins IMO Jane Bozyk
Ann Bastoky IMO Jane Bozyk
Gay DiMarco IMO Janet Cunningham
Roman DiMarco IMO Janet Cunningham
Linda & Sandy Kleinman IMO Janet Nicoll
James & Nancy Zellers IMO Jill, Zeena, Lexzee and Zack (dogs)
James Cummings IMO Joey
Brunhilde Phillips IMO Jonathon G. Phillips
Patrick & Stephanie Jackson IMO Judith Jackson
Nancy & Robert Bowers IMO Judith Jackson
David Miller IMO Judy Jackson
Neil & Linda Dunkle IMO Judy Jackson
Charles & Susan Bacher IMO Katie
Carol Masteller IMO Kelly’s Lab, Danger
Truck-Lite Co Inc IMO Kimberly Ilene Law
Daniel & Susan Hartranft IMO Layla
Barbara Cameron IMO Les Casselberry
Montefiore Engineering Department IMO Les Casselberry
Eddie & Vickie Manifold IMO Leslie Casselberry
Grieco Susan IMO Leslie Casselberry
Del Val Brittany Club IMO Leslie Casselberry
Lora Spencer IMO Libbey Houseknecht
Sharon Ohnmeiss IMO Libby Houseknecht
Margaret Bryan IMO Libby Houseknecht
FOP Lodge 29 IMO Libby Houseknecht
Steve & Terri Watkins IMO Libby Houseknecht
Veronica & John Jones, Jr. IMO Margaret “Meg’ Eileen Finn
Northcentral Dialysis Clinic Staff IMO Margaret “Meg” Finn
Lori Mahaffey IMO Margaret “Meg” Finn
Thomas A Rakowski IMO Margaret Finn
Carole Diane Bastian IMO Margery Yearick
Ryann Schultz IMO Mark Schultz
Timothy & Karin Finn IMO Mary Boatman
Lester & Ann Yeagle IMO Mary Boatman
Raylene Hennip, Donna Blumenfeld IMO Mary Boatman
Barbara Tosi, Myra Holloway and Families IMO Mary Boatman
Kathy & Robert Bryan IMO Mary Boatman
Sherry & Kathy IMO Mary Boatman
Betty Winner IMO Mary H. Boatman
Walter & Cynthia Helt IMO Mary Mangano
Bernice & Gary Madden IMO Maurice L. Carnuccio
Robert & Linda Crockett IMO Meg Finn
Christy & David Lassiter IMO Meg Finn
James Huebert IMO Meg Finn
Ann & Jim Pysher IMO Meg Finn
William Castle IMO Meg Finn
Dorothy Maples IMO Meg Finn
James & Donna Sortman IMO Meg Finn
Sarmite & William Judson IMO Meg Finn
Austin Sipes IMO Meg Finn
Alan Wilcox IMO Meg Finn
Mara & Chet Amedia IMO Meg Finn
Deborah Wagner IMO Meg Finn
Ronald & Jeanne DeFeo IMO Meg Finn
Kathryn Nassberg IMO Meg Finn
Valerie Whyman IMO Meg Finn
Diana & Norman McCarty IMO Meg Finn
Daniel & Martha Gandy IMO Meg Finn
Shirley Lambert & Deborah Johnson IMO Meg Finn
Margrit Shoemaker IMO Meg Finn
Mary Gibbs Smith IMO Meg Finn
John & Jean Burks IMO Meg Finn
Warren & Mary Lou Baldys IMO Meg Finn
Samuel & Sandra Schrack IMO Meg Finn
James & Cynthia Furey IMO Meg Finn
LIsa Kerber IMO Meg Finn
Wesley Brown IMO Meg Finn
Ms. Jeri Demel IMO Meg Finn
Christine Kavanagh IMO Meg Finn
John & Carol Wagner IMO Meg Finn
Charles “Skip” and Gloria Greevy IMO Meg Finn
Corrie Roadarmel IMO Michael Welch
Charles & Bernice Kuhns IMO Miss Daisy
Donald & Patricia Houck IMO Misty & Mandy our beloved dogs
Leary & Sandra Platt IMO Muffin & Shania
Linda Stein IMO My Leo, the Cat
Diane Miller IMO Nicky, Vicki, Salem, Morgan, Muffet, Angel
Kim, JT, Jacob and Ben Hufnagel IMO Nissa Myers
Frank Shinko IMO Obbie Shinko
McTish-Kunkel IMO Oscar E. Kilgus
Lee & Lynne Trefsger IMO Our Beloved Dog Fluffy
Raymond & Judith Spinzia IMO our beloved Dundee
Jerry & Georgia Stauffer IMO our beloved pets Peppermint Pattie, Angel,Rebel, Maxie
Cheryl Zellers IMO our dog, Penny
Patricia Boyles IMO Our precious pets Solo, Geminese, Julz, Friski, Louise, Sissi, Buddy & Laddie
Jody L. Muthler IMO Paddy Mcfadden
Jody L. Muthler IMO Paddy McFadden
Jewel LaBelle IMO Paleeta
Daniel White IMO Pat Hartle
Christine Woodley IMO Pat McKernan
Dr. Sam Hoff & Phyllis Oliveto-Hoff IMO Pat McKernan
Sinclair Nancy IMO Patches,Trouble, & Buster
Lisa Hartman IMO Patricia G. McKernan
Barbara Johnstone & Susannah Howard IMO Patricia McKernan
Harold & Ellen Spooner IMO Patricia McKernan
Thomas & Marsha Person IMO Patricia McKernan
The Park Home, Inc. IMO Patricia McKernan
Nancy Stearns IMO Patricia McKernan
Joyce & Harold Hershberger IMO Patricia McKernan
Ruth Rees IMO Patricia McKernan
Michael Maiolo IMO Patricia McKernan
Mary Brophy IMO Patrick Flanagan
Doris L Smith IMO Penny, my dear dog
Janice Osborne IMO Pierre, Vic & Bill
Ray & Catherine Douglas IMO Radar
Deb & Steve Schall IMO Ramen
Sandra Kramer IMO Raymond Venema
Patricia Heisley IMO Raymond Winner
Aunt Joan & Cousin Beth IMO Richard Klopp
Sharon Guthrie IMO Riot Mullins
Thelma White IMO Robert Olmstead
Muncy Presbyterian Church IMO Robert Olmstead
Byron & Suzanne Heller IMO Robert Olmstead
Tim Leonard Rod & Gun Club IMO Robert Olmstead
Linda Stein IMO Robert Olmstead
Philip & Sue Hutchinson IMO Robert Olmstead
William & Linda Poulton IMO Robert Olmstead
Susan Pfeiffer IMO Robert Olmstead
Kris & Steve Kistler IMO Robert Olmstead
Letty Gray IMO Robert Olmstead
Book Lovers Delight Club IMO Robert Olmstead
Donald & Brenda Larson IMO Ron Coleman
Young Mens Republican Club IMO Ron Coleman
Dawn Kehrer IMO Ronald Coleman
Robert & Charlotte Wahler IMO Ronald Coleman
Julius & Marie Franquet IMO Ronald Coleman
Curtis & Linda Raap IMO Ronald Coleman
William & Teresa Galligan IMO Ronald Coleman
Newberry Lions Club IMO Ronald Coleman
Brenda & Chris Johns IMO Ronald Coleman
Mary Bellizia-Way & Kevin Way IMO Samantha Way
Linda Rose IMO Scott White
Vivian Siegel & Son Dave IMO Sharon Weisensale
L3 Communications Electron IMO Shirley Andrews on behalf of Heath Reese
Deborah Myers IMO Shirley Doebler
Karen Holmes IMO Skye
Walter & Cynthia Helt IMO Smidgen
Daniel & Susan Hartranft IMO Sophie
Gil & Ruth Snyder IMO Stephen M. Stine
Mike & Jana Mussina IMO Stephen Stine
Elizabeth & Charles Lomas IMO Steve StIne
Lycoming Supply, Inc. IMO Steve Stine
I.U.O.E. Local 542 IMO Steve Stine
The neighbors: Matt, Linda, & Randy, Mick & Bea, Gary & Cindy, & Mrs Kurtz IMO Steve Stine
Jacqueline Kinney IMO Susan Southard & Donna O’Connor
Gerald Mitcheltree Jr. IMO Tango & Lilly
Gerald & Bonnie Mitcheltree IMO Tango, Lilly
Yvonne Kaiser IMO Tanya Beck
Mary Jane Turner IMO Tara, Panther, Tabby, Peaches & Muffin
Muncy Bank & Trust IMO Teresa A. Oakes
Meghan Nines IMO Toby
Wade Lamper IMO Tucker
Glenda Stroud IMO Upde
Harry Goodwin IMO Verna Goodwin
Trudy Shively IMO Vernon “Buck” Mast
Ruth Keller IMO Vernon Mast
Jeannine Kennedy IMO Vernon Mast
Nancy L Kellenstine IMO Vernon Mast
Raymond Kehrer IMO Vernon Mast
The Williamsport Home IMO Vernon Mast
Linda Updegraff IMO Violet Hrinya
Yu Chou & John Fulton IMO Virginia Mull
Sandra Myers IMO Virginia Mull
Pat Counsil IMO Virginia Mull
Patrick & Trisha Marty IMO William C. Nichols, Jr.
Harold & Patricia Karge IMO William Nichols, Jr.
Linda M Miller IMO William R. Miller, Jr.
Debbie Kern IMO Winnie Charles Tompkins
M. Jane Buttorff IMO Zeke
Trometter Family IMO Zeus O’Connell
Julia Barger IMO Zoom Zoom
Suzanne Berfield on behalf of Sharon Manikowski
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