Since March is Adopt-a-Guinea-Pig month (who knew, right?), we thought that your inbox would appreciate a photo of a guinea pig and his beloved hammock.

Now, if you love pets, you do not need us to tell you how different their personalities can be. Sprocket was no exception! This little guy was feisty! He loved to race around his pen, squeaking and popcorning to his heart’s delight. And afterward, ahhh yes, a snooze (or at least a little romp) in his cozy hammock sounded just about right to Sprocket.

Sprocket arrived at the SPCA when he was just nine months old. He was so thin and cold that a staff member put him into the pocket of her hooded sweatshirt to warm him up. With plenty of greens, hay, and love, Sprocket soon began to fill out. And as he did, the true spirit of Sprocket emerged: zippy and always ready to nibble on anything handed to him!


After entertaining the SPCA staff in the lobby for several weeks, Sprocket’s big day came. A family from a town about an hour and a half away was looking for a companion for their male guinea pig. On a Saturday, they made the drive to visit Sprocket. Would he be a good fit? Indeed he was. In fact, not only did they adopt Sprocket, but they also adopted Shay, another male guinea pig at the shelter. What a day! Thanks to your support, both Sprocket and Shay are now living out their lives in a loving home.


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