Welcome to this week’s featured Pets of the Week.  This week, we are getting to know two of our bonded pairs: Jack and Precious, and Inga and Asia.  These duos love life and love each other.  While it can typically be harder to place bonded pairs, we know that landing the perfect forever home is worth the wait in the end.  Learn about the pets’ stories below: (*UPDATE* Inga and Asia were adopted on Friday!)

Jack and Precious




Your heart will melt when you meet Jack and Precious. The bonded brother and sister pair have been together from day one. Born into their owner’s home 12 years ago, the sweet seniors were recently surrendered to the shelter when their owners went to live in a nursing home.

Both dogs are of a gorgeous yellow-tan-fawn color. Both have super sweet attitudes and are very laid-back. They enjoy cuddling up with each other, especially in a big warm blanket. “The fluffier the blankie the better,” says Animal Team Leader Kelli Smith. They have won over the hearts of the volunteers and staff and we are eager to find these adorable seniors an amazing forever home. We believe that, due to their activity level, they will do best in a home with adults or older children. They may do well with other dogs, as well. It will depend on a meet and greet beforehand.

Of the two, Precious is definitely the boss (“Miss Bossy Pants”). She tells Jack where to go and what to do. Jack’s response? “Ok, whatever you want, Precious.” He is quieter and a little more aloof, but still a real sweetheart. Kelli goes on to add, “The two definitely need a very, very special home. Due to their age, they have some medical issues, mainly lumps and bumps all over.” The SPCA has ensured they have had top-notch medical care while here. This has mainly involved medicated baths, addressing a lump or two, and providing a quality diet.

A volunteer who has a particularly fond spot for Jack and Precious closes with the following words, “They would simply love the chance to fill your heart and home full of love and joy. Senior dogs rock!”

Are Jack and Precious tugging at your heartstrings? They are ready and waiting to meet you! They can be found snuggling together in Kennel 63.

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Asia & Inga *ADOPTED*

We are pleased to say that Asia and Inga found their forever home today (August 10th)!  They were surrendered by their owner in mid-July due to a change in their owner’s lifestyle.  The two were a beautiful addition to our shelter and were deeply attached to one another.  Congratulations to Inga, Asia, and their new mom!

If interested in these pets, please stop in or call the shelter (570-322-4646) at 2805 Reach Road, or check out our adoption page.

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