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Welcome to this week’s featured Pets of the Week.  Our 6-month billboard campaign wraps up this week, so we chose to feature two special pets who have been waiting for a while at the shelter: Blaze and Gizzy.




Blaze is a zesty young man who is ready for an adventure! The 2-year-old is a happy fella who loves to hike, walk, run, and play. But don’t let his energy fool you! His favorite volunteers claim that once he burns his energy off, he is quite the snuggly couch potato.

Blaze was brought to the shelter in April of this year (2018). He had been found wandering in downtown Williamsport, and no one came to claim him. At his initial temperament test, Blaze was wary and unsure of humans and toys. Our staff and volunteers decided to slowly but steadily introduce Blaze to more people, noises, and interactions…and teach him how to play!

Needless to say, their hard work paid off. Today, Blaze is, dare we say it, “a-blaze” with fun and joy, actively seeking attention from people and rip-roaring around with toys of all kinds. He also knows “sit,” “down,” and “come.” He is becoming quite the accomplished gentleman.

We recommend that Blaze goes to a home without small children, due to his energy and size. He just may accidentally bowl the youngsters over. He does appear to like other dogs, so he may enjoy having a canine brother or sister. It just depends on the dog. A meet and greet will be a great step in seeing if the dogs are a good fit.

Sweet Blaze cannot wait to put the Kennel life behind him. He longs to run and roam, playing with his forever family by his side. Are those eyes of Blaze’s tugging at your heart? Come on in and pay him a visit. He is ready and waiting in Kennel 85.

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Dearest Gizzy. This is Gizzy’s second time at the shelter, through no fault of her own. Her previous two owners were unable to keep her due to their health challenges. Gizzy first came to us in 2014. She was quickly adopted and lived with her owner until this past April (2018) when she was re-surrendered.

Over the course of her stays here, we have come to know Gizzy as a shy, quiet lady. She is now approaching 13 or 14 years of age, we believe. She finds shelter life stressful and spends most of her time hiding under a blanket or in her bed. We would love for her to enjoy the safety and security of a home environment again.

Due to her shy and retiring nature, potential adopters tend to pass her by. Being a black cat does not help, either. Pets with black fur tend to linger longer at shelters before being adopted. However, once Gizzy gets to know you, she becomes a real sweetie.

Our Animal Team Leader, Kelli, has known Gizzy throughout both of her tenures here and explains, “Gizzy is an older girl that enjoys quiet, calm environments where she can relax and snuggle in her bed. She enjoys being petted, but prefers to keep all four paws on the ground.” What does her ideal forever home look like? Kelli went on to say, “She would do best in a family that can give her the time and space to adjust at her own speed. The family will need to understand that she will probably be more of an observer rather than an outgoing, needy girl.”

If you are on the lookout to bring a quiet sweetheart into your home, consider Gizzy. You will give her a new lease on life that she very much deserves. Gizzy can be seen in Pen 28.

View Gizzy’s PetFinder Profile

If interested in these pets, please stop in or call the shelter (570-322-4646) at 2805 Reach Road, or check out our adoption page.

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