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Welcome to this week’s featured Pets of the Week.  This week, we are getting to know Octavia and Arnold.




Octavia is a beautiful, warm-hearted young lady. Our volunteers have fallen in love with her!

Octavia was brought to the shelter as a stray in May (2018). She had been found wandering near the Golden Strip of Williamsport. Even upon entering the shelter and getting checked out by our staff, she was well-behaved and friendly. That is quite impressive!

She is a little hesitant about coming out of her kennel, so we were not sure what to expect personality-wise. However, we found that a tennis ball brings her out of her shell in no time flat! Her behavior evaluators stated that “she is very good about bringing the ball back to you.” In fact, “she will drop it at your feet if you have another one to throw, or if you are just sitting, she will put it down in your lap so that the game does not have to stop.” Octavia also knows the word “sit,” and is a VERY quick learner. When you speak to her, she tilts her head and looks deeply into your face, tuning in to what you are saying and trying to figure it out. We think that she would learn new commands very quickly (and probably enjoy doing so).

When the SPCA yard flooded this past summer, Octavia was one of the dogs who could not wait to get in the water. She decided it was the perfect environment for her to have a zoomie and chase her tail in. What a hambone!

We believe that Octavia will thrive best as an only pet. She has a strong prey drive and will gladly chase another animal. We are also recommending a household where the people are ages 14 and up. When she is out and about, volunteers have noticed that she is nervous around people her own height.

All that to say, we love Octavia, and we cannot wait for her to meet her forever match! If you are interested in pretty Octavia, come on in for a visit. She is ready and waiting in Kennel 64.

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Arnold is a ham of a man. He was found wandering as a stray in Duboistown this past May (2018). He was quite a mess when he came to the shelter. Fleas and scabs covered his neck and shoulders, with some fur loss on his neck. He did come in neutered and front declawed, which is unique for a stray male. We posted his information on our website and Facebook, but no one came to claim him. Through all of his medical treatment (his ears were also really dirty and waxy), he was a kind gentleman.

As we have gotten to know Arnold over the past few months, he has charmed us with his playful nature and gentle, friendly attitude. We noticed that he did seem to be drinking and urinating more than other cats, so we placed him on special Kidney Diet (k/d) food. He will likely need to remain on this food for the rest of his life. Your veterinarian will be able to ensure that his kidneys are well-managed, as well.

A staff member who knows good old Arnold best described him as “Friendly, curious, adventurous, loves a good pet, and is still pretty playful for his age.” She also said that he is overall “pretty chill” and is not reactive to the other cats around him.

Let’s get this deserving fellow into his new forever home! If you are interested in Arnold, come on down and pay him a visit. He is in Pen 23 in our Cat Room.

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If interested in these pets, please stop in or call the shelter (570-322-4646) at 2805 Reach Road, or check out our adoption page.

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