Welcome to this week’s featured Pets of the Week.  Elmo and Cowboy are currently being showcased on our billboard in Williamsport (on the right as you come off of the Market Street bridge into Williamsport), as well as on our Facebook page, and here on our website. Let’s dive in and get to know Elmo and Cowboy:





What an accomplished gentleman! Six-year-old Elmo is a delightful bundle of tiny cuteness and big personality. He loves to show off his tricks, and he has many of them. To date, we have discovered that he knows sit, down, roll over, beg/sit up, dance, and…bang, whereupon he falls over and plays dead. Who knows how much more this little ham knows? And how much more he is eager to learn?

Elmo came to us in the spring of 2017. His owners felt that they were unable to care for him and his brother (a bulldog mix), so they chose to surrender them to the Lycoming County SPCA. Elmo was scared and timid, but warmed up quickly and began to entertain our staff and volunteers with his antics. It wasn’t long before Elmo was adopted, but unfortunately, he came back to us a year later this past spring. His new owners felt that he was too much responsibility.

In the shelter, Elmo is initially nervous but soon struts his stuff. It is a world of big dogs and that does not phase him one bit. He is not scared easily and he enjoys checking out his environment and new situations. He also loves tummy rubs, an endearing quality.

Elmo’s favorite toys are balls, plush toys, squeaky toys, and using anything to play tug-of-war. He enjoys going for walks and needs a little more leash manners in terms of pulling. Sometimes he comes off as abrasive in his kennel, but once out on a leash or in a room, he is a happy little guy.

Elmo enjoys his life, his people, and his stuff. Accordingly, he does not appreciate other dogs or people coming too close to his food or person. He can be what we call a “resource guarder.” He may nip or get tense if someone gets too close to his food or a new person comes up to his owners. Therefore, we recommend that his ideal home be one with adults or older children and perhaps no other dogs. It will depend on the dog. We believe that Elmo could be a bit of a bully.

Our dedicated staff and volunteers describe Elmo as “A determined little man,” “very intelligent,” and “a showman at heart.” We love dear Elmo and are confident that his perfect forever family is out there. He cannot wait to meet you and snuggle on into your heart. He is ready and waiting for a meet and greet in Kennel 46.

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Say hello to Cowboy. Cowboy is a delightful cookies-and-cream mix of black and white fur, with decadent yellow eyes and a rich, deep purr. The three-year-old domestic medium-hair mix was brought to the shelter as a stray this past February. He had been found wandering alone in the hills above Nisbet.

Cowboy is sweet, sweet, sweet. Just look at his videos and check out his hearty purrs and head rubs. Our staff love him. Unfortunately, staff interaction is limited because he is positive for Feline Leukemia (FeLV). FeLV is a feline virus that affects a cat’s immune system and bone marrow. The virus is typically spread from infected cats to non-infected cats through close personal contact, usually involving saliva. It can be spread through grooming, shared food bowls, bites and other forms of close personal contact. Humans cannot catch FeLV and the virus doesn’t live long outside of a cat host, so a FeLV-positive cat can be housed in a separate room from a FeLV-negative cat as long as food and water bowls are not shared.

In general, cats with FeLV have weaker immune systems. While there is no cure for FeLV, most cats live normal, though significantly shorter lives.

All that being said, Cowboy will make anyone a fantastic pet. He enjoys being picked up and held, petted, and brushed. His finder brought him inside for a bit and he did very well with her children. He is quiet and reserved, simply enjoying people and life.

Cowboy deserves the best that life can give – including a forever family! He cannot wait to cuddle into your lap and say thank you a million times over with his purrs. If you are interested in giving Cowboy a second lease on life, come on down and ask at the front desk. The staff will take you back for a meet and greet with the dear fellow.

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If interested in either of these pets, stop in or call the shelter (570-322-4646) at 2805 Reach Road or check out our adoption information page.

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