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The region’s only full-service shelter accepting and adopting ALL types of domestic animals. We are your resource for reporting and investigating animal abuse.

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Pets available for adoption

Tiny but Mighty – Kittens on the Front Lines

Though the tiny, sleeping tike in the photograph above may appear delicate, he is, in fact, very mighty! Unlike his parents and likely grandparents before him, this little kitten will not live out his life as a community cat. Instead, he will go on to live in a loving...

Dallas Rides into the Sunset: Home at Last!

You could see it in his eyes. The big fella was confused and nervous. Dallas had lived with his owner for just four months when he was surrendered to the SPCA because of landlord issues. At barely one year old, the lean German-Shepherd-mix had been bounced around...

Rescue Story: Cat Tangled in Net in Middle of Winter

It was January 16th and very cold. Temperatures barely rose above freezing that day and the wind gusted wildly. The shelter received a distressing call about a cat stuck in a baseball net not far away at the Newberry Little League field. Staff member Wendy reported to...


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