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We are open by appointment. Please call 570-322-4646 for your appointment. We ask that you wear a mask when you come in. The SPCA is following CDC and PA Dept. of Health guidelines by limiting the number of people in the shelter, social distancing, and sanitation. We appreciate your cooperation.

Community Yard Sale

Saturday, June 12 | $20/table

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Pets available for adoption

Sybil Strikes a Gentle Chord

Once in a while, you and a pet just magically connect. A deep bond seems to well up from somewhere inside and you know that you are meant for each other.  Many of Sybil's caretakers feel just that way about Sybil. Whether it is because she needs extra protection in...

A Boy and His Hammock

Since March is Adopt-a-Guinea-Pig month (who knew, right?), we thought that your inbox would appreciate a photo of a guinea pig and his beloved hammock. Now, if you love pets, you do not need us to tell you how different their personalities can be. Sprocket was no...

Brotherly and Sisterly Love: Bonded Siblings Long for a Home Together

Church loves Rose. And Rose loves Church. Without each other, well, life just doesn't feel as good. The sweet brother and sister have been bonded since birth. Their life journey has included many ups and downs, but one thing has remained constant: the love they have...


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