Sweet Temptations

Friday, November 5th

Dessert tasting, silent auction, and Red Carpet Stroll.

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Please call 570-322-4646 to make an appointment. We ask that you wear a mask when you come in. We appreciate your cooperation.

Lycoming County SPCA

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The region’s only full-service shelter accepting and adopting ALL types of domestic animals. We are your resource for reporting and investigating animal abuse.

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Pets available for adoption

Couple drives hundreds of miles to adopt bonded brothers

Walt and Wally had grown up together in north-central Pennsylvania. They spent their days cuddling, exploring, and sharing life's ups and downs with each other. At six years and eight years old, the friendly black and orange cats were pretty settled. Then, their lives...

Velvet: the little guinea pig that could

Velvet is looking spry today, and it is all thanks to you. When the little guinea pig arrived at the SPCA, she needed a safe landing. Caretakers set her up with fresh hay, pellets, and cozy bedding, all of the things a piggie needs to be happy and healthy. She was...

Critically Ill Dog Given a Second Chance

Pearl is one of the fluffiest dogs you'll ever meet. (And we know the competition among fluffy dogs is pretty fierce.) When she arrived at the Lycoming County SPCA, Pearl had just been found as a stray on a busy street outside of a Starbucks. How she got there, we do...


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