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Dog Delivers Twelve Puppies

Happy Giving Tuesday! The day has finally arrived, and we have saved our piece de resistance for last. Today's story features one of our most exciting shelter stories of the year. Drumroll....and.... It was early and it was steamy one morning this past July when a...

A Survival Story

Looking up into a cage full of metal. Faces peering down, talking, examining, looking concerned. Sienna's life had taken a major turn in the last twenty-four hours. Earlier that day, she had been living in her owner's home, a home that she had likely called her own...

A Fairytale Ending

Who does not love a happily-ever-after story? Well, settle down in and get ready, because we have a great one coming just for you. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. She had sparkling golden and orange locks and captivating, adoring eyes. All who looked...


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