Join us Thursday, September 7th, and Saturday, September 9th for one last dip in the pool with your pooch before summer ends! On these dates the SPCA is holding Maggie’s Dog Swim at Splash Cove Pool in Memorial Park. Saturday’s swim also coincides with our 12th Annual Pet Expo, which will be packed with food and fun for people and animals alike!

A focus of this year’s Pet Expo and Maggie’s Dog Swim will be water safety, in memory of Maggie, a four-year-old lab who passed away from water intoxication in the summer of 2016. Maggie’s family and friends are giving away water-safe pet throws to all dogs who attend Maggie’s Dog Swim, so you and your pooch won’t want to miss it!

In memory of Maggie, we encourage you to observe the following Water Safety Tips:

  • Limit Play Time. Frequent breaks allow your dog to rest and get rid of extra water ingested during water play. Limit time in the water to 15-20 minutes at a time.
  • Use Flat Toys that Float. Round toys that force your dog to open his mouth wide or go under water to retrieve should be avoided.
  • Monitor your Dog. Lean, high-energy and hyper-focused dogs are at risk for taking in too much water.
  • Life Jackets for Pets. If your pet spends a lot of time in the water, a life jacket is a good idea. And all occupants of a boat should wear a life jacket – pets included.
  • Apply Sunscreen. Dogs can sunburn, too, especially the light-colored, thin-haired breeds. The most common areas to burn include the tips of the ears and the bridge of the nose.
  • Teach your Pet How to Exit the Water. Show your dog where the steps are so that he will be able to exit on his own if he is tired. Practice getting in and out of the water with him several times.

More info about Maggie’s Dog Swim and the Pet Expo can be found at:

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Upcoming 12th Annual Pet Expo & Maggie's Dog Swim - Sept 9, 2017
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