Friday, June 29, 2018

Caroline “On Friday we made it to the desert in Utah! The area we went to was very remote, which had its pros and cons. Thurston was free to roam wherever he pleased. We ended up driving over 100 miles on dirt roads to get to the places we were going! And it was so worth it. I initially felt bad not taking Thurston to the Grand Canyon on this trip, but the views here were just as great (better in my opinion) and there are no strict dog rules, and no tourists!!”

Caroline “We continued driving to find a campsite with views. It was incredible that we had this place all to ourselves! Here’s another episode of “Where’s Thurston?”

Caroline “The desert was all fun and games until we tried leaving… we got stuck on a road meant for four wheelers or jeeps – not my poor Subaru Forester. Four hours, 3 miles, and one flat tire later, we finally made it out of the desert. Thurston slept in the back of the car or under the shade of bushes while Sarah and I moved boulders and rebuilt the road with rocks to get us out. The desert was gorgeous, but demands much respect!! We slowly and carefully drove to Denver where the Subaru is still getting repaired from its high clearance endeavors. I’ll report back when we make it back to Philly, or sooner if anything fun happens.”

Thurston's Adventure Destination - #19 - Philly (Home)
Thurston's Adventure Destination #17
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