Thursday, June 28, 2018

Caroline “Thurston was well rested and ready for more adventures by Thursday morning! We hit the road out of salt lake and to the desert! Midway we decided it was too hot to go straight to the desert, so we searched for some water on iPhone maps app. What we drove up to did not disappoint! My friend hopped on a stand up paddle board and I inflated a $2.97 inner tube from Walmart and Thurston and I went for a float. He’s had so much freedom and time to roam that sitting on a float for an hour or two was relaxing for him and a great excuse for a nap.”

Caroline “We drove up the canyon to check out the views and cook dinner. There was an incredible sunset (and some average hot dogs). Then we went back down to the lake area to camp for the night.”

Thurston's Adventure Destination 18 - Utah plus 100 Miles
Thurston's Adventure Destination - #16 Utah
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