Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Caroline “Yesterday (Tuesday) we drove from western Utah to Salt Lake City. We stopped at the Bonneville Salt Flats and it was unlike anything I’ve seen so far! It was flat and salty for as far as we could see, except for the mountains in the background that we had camped on. Thurston played lots of fetch and used up a day’s worth of energy (yay!!) and Libby did a taste test to confirm that it is truly composed of salt.”

Caroline “Thurston had a much needed day of R&R today. He hasn’t acclimated well to the elevation so he stayed at my friend’s apartment to nap while we went hiking (don’t tell Thurston that’s where I was).

Tomorrow we’re going to head down to the desert in southern Utah. We’ll report back in a few days when we find cell phone service!

Thurston's Adventure Destination #17
Thurston's Adventure Destination - #15 Nevada (still)
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