June 25, 2018 – Nevada (still)

Caroline “We woke up Monday morning and played a round of “where’s Thurston?” as he was hunting jackrabbits through the desert bushes. He was unsuccessful.”

“Then as we were leaving to drive 6 hours to Utah, my trusty Subaru Forester got very stuck. Libby and I tried for 20 minutes, then called triple A for help. Many phone calls later we learned that no one would come help us because we were 5 miles down a back road. So Libby and I kept digging the tires out, put our sleeping blankets under the tire, and eventually got the car out.”

Caroline “You would think we would learn our lesson, but we made it to Utah and are currently camping 5 miles down a back road. We laid down the  blankets (thank God for the sleeping blankets) and are sleeping under the stars tonight in the desert east of Salt Lake City. We have some adventures planned for tomorrow!”


Thurston's Adventure Destination - #16 Utah
Thurston's Adventure Destination - #14 Nevada
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