Sunday, June 24, 2018 – Nevada

Caroline “Libby and I went to church Sunday morning while Thurston slept in at the motel. We drove to Nevada, but not without exploring another dirt road. This one was a winner! We drove as far as we could and then started hiking until we got to an area where we could get down to a lake. There was a rope swing so Libs and I flew into the lake over and over again while Thurston practiced his life guard skills. (Spoiler: Thurston has no future as a water rescue dog). In the background of the lake you can see the Lassen volcano, which we had driven around earlier in the day. We drove to public lands in Nevada where camping is free (to counteract the awful west coast gas prices).”


Thurston's Adventure Destination - #15 Nevada (still)
Thurston's Adventure Destination- #13 Northern California
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