Welcome to this week’s featured Pets of the Week.  Ray and Panther are currently being showcased on our billboard in Williamsport (by Starbucks), as well as on our Facebook page, and here on our website. Let’s dive in and get to know Ray and Panther:



Ray using his brain at nose work.

Ray getting a tip or a treat from staff member Kelli during nose work.

Meet Ray, or “Mr Ray Ray” as his favorite volunteers call him.  Ray is a handsome 1-year-old Terrior – Pit Bull mix who has won the heart of the staff and volunteers.  In fact, if we told the truth, some of them are quite smitten!  Alas, due to his “Pit Bull” breed, many potential adopters pass him by.  Thus, we are focusing on him for this week’s featured dog.  It is time to bring this deserving fellow into the limelight!

Ray was brought to the shelter in October of 2017.  He had been found wandering as a stray in South Williamsport.  We took him into our care and posted him in our lost and found database.  Sadly, no one came to claim Ray.  Confused, overwhelmed, and young, Ray wasn’t sure what to think of the sudden switch to being in a shelter.  Then along came dedicated volunteers and staff.  They worked with Ray, taking him for long walks and interacting with him so he could see that humans are ok.  Ray responded with enthusiasm and exuberance.  In fact, the young gentleman is full of energy and would do well to receive further formal obedience training with his new family.  He LOVES toys, so we believe that his active mind will respond well to learning the ins and outs of leash manners, proper meet and greets, and other obedience exercises.

One cold January day, when it was too bitter to walk outside, we treated Ray to nose work, as you can see in the last two pictures above.  Ray did very well!  He even found the difficult ones.  We were very proud of Ray.  You can see that he is enjoying the interaction and guidance of our staff, as well as the nose work itself.  Hint hint…a treat or two may have been involved.

We believe that Ray’s ideal home will include someone who is experienced with dogs and does not have small children.  An active family will be a great fit, as he loves to walk, run, and play fetch.  Once he gets the basic routine and structure of a home environment down, he will be one fun, goofy guy!

Ray cannot wait to see his new forever home.  He would love to settle down and be loved, knowing that the rest of his days are secure.  His sweet eyes and bounding love will make it all worthwhile.  He is ready and waiting for a meet and greet in Kennel 71.

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Everyone has a soft spot for Panther. As they clean the cat pens, our volunteers like to let him free roam around the cat room. They talk to him, pet him, and simply enjoy his handsome, quiet presence. Panther soaks it all in with his unique Panther charm.

Panther has been to the shelter twice in the last year or so. He lived with his first family for the first 8 years of life. The family moved and was unable to take him along, so they surrendered him to the shelter. Shelter life had the poor gentleman quite confused and scared for awhile, but he came around with love and attention and was adopted out. About one year later, his new family re-surrendered him. They were expecting a baby and were concerned with handling the poo that would occasionally be outside of his litterbox.

So, sweet Panther is back here again. While shelter life is a safe and loving space, it is no substitute for the warmth of a home environment. Panther is longing for a cozy couch to sleep on again and a home to stretch his legs. A large, beefy man to begin with, he came back quite overweight and needs a home, not a pen, where he can stretch his legs and exercise.

Panther’s previous owners described him as “quiet and reserved.” Indeed, here at the shelter, he enjoys lounging about and soaking in the attention. He will occasionally get up and rub on our legs and hands, but soon he is sprawled out back on the floor, purring and content to be in our presence. He appreciates the quieter, slower things in life, and thus we recommend that his ideal home be an adults-only household.

Whether it is his pointy nose and soft, rich, black fur, or simply the way he looks at you, Panther is a guy that everyone adores. While we all love him, it is a new forever family that he is dreaming of. If you are looking for a genteel, older stud muffin, consider Panther. You will truly change his life for the better! What could be more rewarding than that?

Panther is ready and waiting in Display 2 of our Cat Room.

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If interested in either of these pets, stop in or call the shelter (570-322-4646) at 2805 Reach Road or check out our adoption information page.

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