Welcome to this week’s featured Pets of the Week.  Hector and Simon are currently being showcased on our billboard in Williamsport (It changed locations this week: it is now on Market Street as you come off the bridge into town.) as well as on our Facebook page, and here on our website. Let’s dive in and get to know Hector and Simon:




When life has you down, Hector will cheer you up.

The tan beef-boy has had his share of ups and downs. In fact, his stay at the shelter has him pretty down, and he wants nothing more than a loving forever home and a pair of caring arms to cheer him up.

Hector came to the SPCA in the fall of 2016 after being picked up as a stray by the Williamsport Police. The dear fellow had been found wandering on the north side of town. He was in great shape, with trimmed nails and a friendly disposition, but sadly, no one came to claim him. He quickly captured the hearts of staff and volunteers, especially one kennel attendant in particular. After waiting the due time period, the SPCA put Hector up for adoption, hoping his forever family would come soon. Yet, despite his cute face and goofy personality, Hector remains at the SPCA. Why would that be? We believe that Hector is having a bit of a difficult time catching the attention of potential adopters due to his “pitbull-like” face and breed designation. But we know that all hearts, regardless of stigma, are capable of and deserve true love.

Speaking of love, just what does this meaty man love in his life? A good rub down, going for walks (especially with his favorite staff member. He’s even had a sleepover at her house!), playing with balls, and showing off his tricks. Hector is immensely proud of his ability to sit, shake, other paw, down, and roll over. In fact, we have found Hector to be a very smart man. He gets so goofy when he’s playing and performing; it is hilarious. Hector also loves to chase small things and is a little wary of someone approaching his person, so we recommend that he be placed in a home without small children or other pets.

Hector’s adorable little perky ears and big cheesy smile have won our hearts. Do you find that they are winning yours, as well? Hector would love to give you the chance to get to know him and see if you could be his next forever mom or dad. Come down and visit him in Kennel 53.

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An exceedingly handsome gentleman, Simon the Siamese adores with his blue eyes and polished coat. Surrendered to the shelter in March, the older cat had been bounced around for the last few years. He finds shelter life confusing and difficult. It is a stressful situation for him with all of the new noises and smells, not to mention the restriction of a smaller pen. We (and he) are eager for him to find a new forever home.

When asked about Simon, all staff agree that he is “chatty.” “This is often typical for a Siamese,” explains Kabrina, Assistant Kennel Manager. Other staff members describe Simon as “friendly,” “independent,” and “sassy.” Indeed, “sassiness,” or perhaps the desire to be more independent than a lap cat is a trait also commonly seen in Siamese.

While previous owners described him as nineteen years old, we are unsure of his exact age. If he is truly that old, he has aged very gracefully. He acts like a much younger cat and is quite healthy. His one health restriction is his diet. Due to a history of urinary stones, he is on c/d or special urinary food.

If you are looking for a gentle soul who can also be a bit feisty at times, please consider Simon. He would love to relax in a warm, sunny spot of your home, safe and sound in a loving home environment at last.

Simon is available for a meet and greet in Pen 28 of our Cat Room.

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If interested in either of these pets, stop in or call the shelter (570-322-4646) at 2805 Reach Road or check out our adoption information page.

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