Meet Zorro: Lovebug, Special Needs, 14 Years Old

Meet Ed: Energetic, Smart, 1 Year Old

Welcome to the 3rd installment of our featured Pets of the Week. These pets are featured on our billboard in Williamsport this week (by Starbucks), as well as on our Facebook page, and here on our website. Let’s dig in and get to know Zorro and Ed:




Looking for: a pair of loving arms and a home to call his own.

Dear Zorro has been surrendered to the shelter twice in the last year. He lived with his previous owners for the first 13 or so years of his life (a significant age for a cat), until they passed away. Then, he and feline sister came to the shelter. They were quickly adopted, but Zorro’s family felt that he was too much responsibility, so they re-surrendered him 9 months later.

An older fellow to begin with, Zorro came back in thin condition and with an elevated heart rate. Bloodwork revealed that he was in the beginning stages of kidney failure. Since his diagnosis, we have started Zorro on k/d (Kidney Diet) food and several daily meds and vitamins to help support his kidney function. He has responded well to these treatments and we hope that they will continue to provide him with a good quality of life.

Due to Zorro’s age and medical condition, his next forever home could be considered a hospice home. His new family can expect to give him daily meds and treatments (via a syringe which he takes well), and to monitor him for medical changes. He may requite extra veterinary visits, but at this time his care is able to be managed from home.

His personality is one of sheer LOVE. He has been described as a “lovebug” and a “sweet, shy” guy. He hasn’t let his setbacks hold him back. Though initially depressed with he came back, he has responded well to human attention and now simply loves to be around his humans. He enjoys sleeping on his high shelf in his pen and walking around our Cat Meet and Greet room. He has handsome markings and a cute little face.

We would love for Zorro to find that special home of his own again – a place where he can be comfortable and adored for the rest of his days. Is Zorro tugging at your heartstrings? Don’t resist the urge! Come down and visit him. He is ready and waiting in Pen 17.



Who is funny, chatty, and sweet all over? None other than Mr. Ed.

A playful pup, Ed is ready to find a forever family of his very own. This energetic young man thinks everyone wants to play (and, really, who can say no to that big smile and cute nose?). He is smart as a whip and knows several commands like; sit, stay and come. But…he gets so excited he might lack focus at times. He will definitely make a great addition to his future family, especially if there are older, energetic kids involved.

As a hiking buddy or a fellow jogger, Ed will help keep you fit and trim. And did we mention that he is a great self-entertainer? He thinks chasing balls and playing with plush toys are just the best activities. A volunteer who enjoys walking Ed says the following: “He’s full of energy and likes to be vocal when you walk him as if to say ‘Hey everyone, how ya doing? Can we be friends?'”

The handsome 1-year-old came to the shelter as a stray in the cold of January. The police picked him up in western Williamsport and no one came for him. He is looking for basic obedience training, someone to help him exercise and gain focus, and a family where he can snuggle and be cherished.

Could you be the one to take Mr Ed into your heart and your home? He is definitely worth it. Ed is ready and waiting in Kennel 88.

If interested in either of these pets, stop in or call the shelter (570-322-4646) at 2805 Reach Road or check out our adoption information page.

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