Meet Tippy: Terrific, Perceptive, Energetic, & Loves Toys

Meet Leanan: Independent, Timid, Quiet, & Loves Canned Food

Say hello to this week’s featured Pets of the Week. These pets are currently being showcased on our billboard in Williamsport (by Starbucks), as well as on our Facebook page, and here on our website. Let’s dive in and get to know Tippy and Leanan:





Volunteers call him “Terrific Tippy” and it is easy to see why. With his handsome markings and love of life, Tippy is a fun-loving guy who has a dream: to find a forever home where he can run and play…and love again.

Tippy used to have a beloved owner, who sadly, had a change in her family that caused her to move. She was unable to take Tippy with her, so she chose to surrender him to the shelter in hopes that he would find a brand new life with someone who would love him just as much. Tippy had lived with her day in and day out for his entire life, and he was suddenly in a noisy and chaotic shelter. Needless to say, Tippy was shocked and befuddled.

A little more than a year later, Tippy finds kennel life boring and stressful. Though the days have been long, he has not given up hope that the big day could be just around the corner: the day his new family comes and takes him home! Since his arrival, the staff and volunteers have been hard at work exercising Tippy’s eager mind and lithe body. And…we found one thing that he warms up to instantly: toys! Stuffed toys, squeaky toys, any toys, he doesn’t care. He just loves them so.

Tippy has also joined our Freedom Runners program, where volunteers take shelter dogs on car rides and for long walks with other shelter dogs. Tippy is doing very well! He is learning his manners and enjoys getting out and stretching his young legs.

With his beautiful creamy coat and handsome markings, Tippy would love to be someone’s one-and-only, much-adored pet. Due to his excitement, we recommend that he not go to a home with young children or small, chasable animals. He’d probably think it was a big game. On the flip side, if you are looking for a running, walking, or hiking buddy, Tippy would be a great companion.

As you can see by his photographs, Tippy is all dressed up, ready and waiting for his forever family. He just knows they are out there somewhere. Is Tippy tugging at your heartstrings?
Don’t deny the feeling. Come on down and have a meet and greet with the dear guy (he’d especially love it if you came with a squeaky toy). He’s ready and waiting in Kennel 89.

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Meet Leanan: Independent, Timid, & Loves Canned Food

Leanan is one of the hard ones: cases, that is.  Rescued from a hoarding home in April of 2017, the shy two-year-old and her siblings were barely able to be handled.  What do you do with a cat that has never been socialized, or had the love and attention of a human?  Here at the Lycoming County SPCA, we try our best.  We immediately began to give Leanan top-notch medical care and a space for her to de-stress.  She was expecting when she came to us, but due to her poor health, the pregnancy did not reach completion.  Patching her up physically was relatively easy; patching her up emotionally was another thing altogether.

Staff and volunteers gently worked with Leanan, giving her safe spaces and gentle human interaction to help her adjust and learn to love.  About two months after she came in, we moved her to the adoption floor in a pen that is particularly cozy and quiet, great for frightened or timid cats.  Now, almost a year later, Leanan still calls that pen home.  Staff and volunteers continue to work with her and give her love and attention, but shelter life is no substitute for what Leanan is really longing for: a forever home and family of her very own.  Don’t get us wrong.  Leanan may never be a cuddly lap cat (she is still leery about being petted and held), but she has come so far (especially when there is can food in the picture), and we are eager to see just how much good a stable, compassionate home will do for her.

Leanan is used to living with other cats, so another friendly cat may help her adjust.  We also recommend a relatively quiet home for the dear girl.  To the best of our knowledge, Leanan is a quiet and timid little lady, but with time and love, she just may show you a whole new side!  We cannot wait to see!

If Leanan’s soft gray fur and searching eyes are impressed upon your mind, come on down and give her a meet and greet for yourself.  We will give you some can food, let her warm up, and take it from there.  Leanan is patiently waiting in Display 3 of our Cat Room.

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If interested in either of these pets, stop in or call the shelter (570-322-4646) at 2805 Reach Road or check out our adoption information page.

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