Meet Daisy: Active, Sweet, 5 Years Old

Meet Dorothy: Self-Reliant, Quirky, 3 Years Old

Welcome to the 4th installment of our featured Pets of the Week. These pets are featured on our billboard in Williamsport this week (by Starbucks), as well as on our Facebook page, and here on our website. Let’s dive in and get to know Daisy and Dorothy:






Sweet as a flower, and bright as a springtime sky (oh yeah, we went there), meet Daisy.

Daisy’s family surrendered her to the shelter in early April because they felt that they were unable to care for her properly. Initially scared, Daisy never gave up the opportunity to share some human loving. She is just what her pictures suggest: a bright, active girl, who enjoys exercise and treats.

In fact, for a treat, she will “sit, shake, other paw” and “come.” Now that is one well-rounded young lady! The five-year-old Border Collie mix enjoys walks (she could use some further training on her leash manners), car rides, and her squeaky toys. In her behavior assessment, she was very treat-motivated and took the treats very gently.

Like many herding breed dogs, we noticed that Daisy does have some guarding instincts with toys and food. She let her previous owners and us take away her toys and food, but our Behavior Evaluator wanted to point out the following tips: “As with any dog you should always use caution and not allow children near a dog when it is eating. I also recommend feeding pets separately. If the dog has something it should not have, trade for it, do not just grab it. Grabbing it away can actually start to make guarding behavior develop because they think you want to take everything away from them.”

Lovely Daisy is looking for humans to love again. She thinks hugs and attention are just great, quickly warming up to new folks and desiring to please them. She enjoys simply playing and romping around, enjoying life as it comes.

Daisy will make a fantastic pet for her new family. If she is tugging at your heartstrings, don’t resist the urge! Come in and check her out in Kennel 47.




A quirkier cat you will hardly meet.

Meet Dorothy, a funny, lovable bundle of fluff who also happens to suffer from a vision deficiency. Maybe it is because her eyes are a little extra close together, or maybe…it’s just Dorothy being Dorothy.

If you walk into our Cat Room, you may occasionally hear loud shrieks throughout the week. It’s no big deal, probably just Dorothy. Her tail got the best of her again. We have found that, due to her vision, she gets easily spooked when something or someone comes at her really quickly or without warning. (I think most of us can relate). It seems that her tail does that to her sometimes, especially in a pen such as here at the shelter. In fact, the shelter and pen environment appear very stressful for poor Dorothy. We are eager to see how her real personality shines once she is adopted and in a home environment.

We all love Dorothy to pieces. As our Animal Team Leader explains, “We originally thought Dorothy was a very old girl because of the shape she was in at intake and the fact that she seems to be unable to see well. Over time here she has started grooming herself, and her coat is losing the old, unhealthy cat look and coming in soft and thick. She does have issues with her vision; how much vision she has is not determined. She appears to see shapes and objects coming towards her, but struggles with depth perception and focusing on an object near her. She wants attention at times but also needs her space at other times. Most of these things we believe are related to the vision issue and the fact that she had to try to survive on the street for an undetermined amount of time. If there is somebody out there willing to figure this girl out and give her the chance to find peace and confidence again, we would all be so happy!”

If you have it in your heart and home to welcome this sweet kitty, you will truly change her life! She is ready and waiting for a meet and greet in Pen 24.

If interested in either of these pets, stop in or call the shelter (570-322-4646) at 2805 Reach Road or check out our adoption information page.

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