Meet Tyson: Outdoor Enthusiast, 5 Years Old

Meet Cloudy: Curious, Friendly, 7 Years Old

Welcome to the 2nd installment of our featured Pets of the Week. These pets are featured on our billboard in Williamsport this week (by Starbucks), as well as on our Facebook page, and here on our website. Let’s get to know Tyson and Cloudy:



Meet Tyson. Just look at that goofy smile! And did we mention that he likes to sleep completely on his back, belly in the air?

Tyson came to the SCPA back in July from a pretty tough situation. He and his canine brother had been abandoned in a car when their owners went to prison. He came confused and scared, but as time went on, his personality began to shine. He loves to be outside, is curious about things, and openly seeks attention. Once you get toys out, he runs and plays and entertains himself. He’s made strides in obedience: he knows sit, shake, and other paw. He has a particular fondness for squeaky toys and being on his back, often combining the two together. He’s such a big, happy goofball.

Tyson is part of our Freedom Runners program, where volunteers take shelter dogs for car rides and long walks with other dogs. He does very well! He continues to train and work on his obedience with our staff and volunteers. He also enjoys his downtime, snuggling with volunteers in the reading room (with a good squeaky bone, of course).

Tyson just celebrated his 5th birthday at the SPCA and we think the best birthday present would be a forever home! Don’t you agree? He would love to settle into your place as your one and only pet, loved and adored. Tyson is available and ready for his forever home in kennel 63.




The skies may be gray, but Cloudy will light up your life.

This spunky lady is a gorgeous mixture of cookies and cream fur and brilliant green eyes. She is friendly and curious, being a goof and batting her paws at passers-by. She also enjoys a good chat and being petted.

Cloudy was brought to this shelter as a young kitten with her siblings back in 2010. She was quickly adopted and lived with her new family for seven years until the family’s health prevented them from being able to care for her. They surrendered her to the shelter this past fall in hopes that a new forever family could take her under their wings.

Cloudy’s favorite things in life include balls, soft toys, and string. She thinks being picked up and brushed are fine activities. Her previous family described her as “quiet and reserved” and we have found her to be very kind and sweet.

Cloudy has a history of urinary crystals, so we use and recommend c/d dry food (it is specially formulated for kitties with urinary discomfort). She has responded well to it here at the shelter. Your vet will also be able to recommend any further treatment if necessary.

Cloudy is eagerly awaiting her new forever family and home. She can’t wait to relax and cuddle up in your arms, safe and sound. She’s ready for a visit in Pen 27.

If interested in either of these pets, call the shelter (570-322-4646) or check out our adoption information page.

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