Meet Jane: Fun-Loving, Active, 1 Year Old

Meet Shadow: Quiet, Gentle, 7 Years Old

Welcome to our first post about Pets of the Week. These pets are featured on our billboard in Williamsport this week, as well as on our Facebook page, and here on our website. Let’s dive in and get to know the stories behind Jane and Shadow.


Our little hippo.

Meet Jane, affectionately known as our Little Hippo. Jane was found as a stray this summer running around Williamsport. She seems to have had a home at some point, but due to some of her behaviors and reactions, we’re wondering if perhaps it was a bit of a punitive, scary environment for Jane.

It took Jane awhile to warm up the shelter staff and environment (and for good reason, it’s a busy, loud place in here). But once she did, we found out that she is a hambone of a girl. She’s still very young, so she’s full of energy and loves to exercise and have zoomies.

She recently joined our Freedom Runners program, where volunteers take dogs out on car rides and long walks with other dogs. She does very well! She enjoys the car ride and is learning to walk with other dogs. On her own, she walks great on a leash, a trait not often seen with stray dogs.

We enjoy how she lays like a frog, how her big meaty lips are so pluckable, and how she truly does look like a little hippo at times. (She also tends to snort, so we’ve started to call her Hip-Pig.) She also has a soft spot for biscuits with peanut butter.

Jane is eagerly looking forward to being in a cozy home of her own this spring, surrounded by love and her special persons(s).

She’s ready and waiting in Kennel 75.


Beauty and a gentle, quiet spirit come together in sweet Shadow.

With her perky ears and kind eyes, Shadow can often be found in her pen quietly taking in the world around her. Due to her coloring and quiet attitude, she is often passed over by potential adopters. Yet she remains patiently waiting.

We’re not sure what Shadow’s past life looked like. She came in as a stray this January from the Cogan Station area. We were able to locate her owners, but they decided not to come get her. She can become easily startled or frightened, but we have found that, given time and some space, she does seek attention and enjoy head scratches.

Shadow is looking for a quiet forever family that will help boost her confidence and provide her a safe space.

She is ready and eagerly waiting in Pen 23.

If interested in either of these beauties, call the shelter (570-322-4646) or check out our adoption information page.

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